The Lack of Recognition of Your Oneness with all Life:  The Mother of All Cover-Ups

Because your essential nature as Oneness has been seemingly covered up and overshadowed as a separate ego, this whole 3-D reality has evolved atypically.  Instead of everyone sharing information, that can set all humanity free physically, technology has been intentionally suppressed so that a few can benefit like kings at the expense of a dwindling middle class and growing worldwide poverty.  The root cause of this is because we experience ourselves as separate.  In separation  we can be easily divided and manipulated to be in a constant battle against each other.    A battle that plays right into the hands of the few that have created a world where the 99% work to support the small 1%.

Instead of being able to satisfy every human need with sustainable technology, go beyond money and fly to the stars we are awashed in our own waste from the unnecessary usage of fossil fuels and scarcity on every front.  Meanwhile, we fight amongst each other for scraps rather than realizing our God-given right for a world of abundance and freedom.

Welcome to the world of ego.  A manipulated reality and a prison for your mind.  Those at the top understand how to manipulate ego so completely on a mass-scale that they seemlessly are able to change public beliefs and thus opinion within minutes.  As I see it, there is no way out of this toxic system as long as we remain identified as a separate ego.  As long as we remain identified as ego, humanity will remain separated, divided and manipulated.  If there hadn’t been divine intervention via our space family and ascended masters, we would have killed ourselves through our own lack of awareness a long time ago.  See Ego-Deconstruction Techniques.

Problem-Reaction-Solution or Stimulus-Response and Black Flag Operations

You may be asking yours
elves why would anyone want to cover up or control major events.  The whole issue is based in control of the many by the few.  These few are so powerful that they control major events.  They stage events so that the public reacts and then demands a solution that this few wanted to institute all along for greater and more complete control.  Author David Icke has termed this process “Problem-Reaction-Solution”.  911 was a perfect example of this.  The illuminati wanted more control, and they got it after 9-11 with the “Patriot Act” which repealled many rights to the common person through the  “Bill of Rights”. 

Weapons of mass destruction was the bogus reason Iraq was invaded, never mind the fact that it’s the second or third largest oil producing nation in the world.  Of course no weapons of mass destruction were ever found.  Iraq was even tied to the new “terrorist” threat through the media, even though there never was any connection.  The new buzz word that is the calling card to invade almost any nation- especially if it has massive natural resources.

All this control is predicated on keeping with energy sources that are controllable and billable.  Hundreds of free-energy sources have been produced and suppressed.  When we finally make contact with our galactic family, the cat will really be out of the bag.  Interstellar travel is certainly not dependent on fossil fuels.  This is the reason the UFO cover-up has existed for so long. 

It’s the “Implications” of Admitting Ego is Wrong.

The evidence is irrefutable about a reality so different than the one being perpetrated through the media.  Every person knows, deep down, something is wrong with the current scenario.  For example, the model-T got 25 mpg over 100 years ago.  Today, with computers, travel to the moon over 40-years ago, we still get 25 mpg on average in our cars today.  It’s common knowledge that Tesla invented free-energy 100-years ago and died penniless.  The automotive x-prize has 25 finalists that have produced mass-production ready vehicles that all get over 100 mpg.  In the top 10 is West Philidelphia High School.  An inner-city school that through donations has taken a stock Ford Focus, installed a Harley Davidson motorcycle engine and off-the-shelf parts for a hybrid drive-train and obtained over 100 mpg at 3 times better performance than a stock Ford Focus.  The only plausible answer why our current mass-produced cars get such poor mileage is that the oil companies own the auto companies through various shell corporations and other legal techniques.  The technology is there and proved by the

The problem is not the evidence or truthfulness, but the implications.  Ego would have to admit that it has been wrong.  It has chosen implanted beliefs through outside authority figures instead of the truth- self-evident, divine guidance.  Ego would have to admit it’s falability.  It would have to come to grips with some despicable lies it has been living and perpetrating.  Ego would have to admit that it’s authority figures it has been relying on have lied to it.  It’s been wrong!

This will only happen when Oneness is experienced as our essential nature rather than a separate ego.  Until that time,  people will continue fighting for their beliefs, opinions, judgements- fed by their fear.  When the three biggest cover-ups listed below are made public, it will be an indication that awareness is becoming very recognized in humanity’s morphogenic field, and separation is giving way to Oneness.

The Three Biggest Cover-Ups Maintained Through Ego Manipulation:

When Exposed Will Indicate That Humanity is Recognizing Oneness

1. The 911 Cover-Up:

There are over 1,500 architects and engineers that, even with peer-group pressure, have come forth at the risk of loosing their jobs and credibility and stated publically that the official version of 911 is impossible and violates all the known laws of physics.  And yet, because the authority figures that the majority of the population looks to have a vested interest in the official version- the vast population, even scientists that know better, follow along- even though they are playing right into the hands of those few who reap the rewards at their expense.

Anyone who looks at the evidence, cannot dismiss it based on the evidence.  They will dismiss it based on their subconscious programming. They will dismiss it based on their conditioning, their habit of looking outside for answers.  If you still believe in the official version of 911, take a look at the following videos and do some research on your own.  You will not be able to really look at the following until you have let go of what your authority figures, peer group, TV, public consensus, and anyone outside of you says.  Be open to learning something about reality that you may have not been able to recognize before.  For more info check out


Implications of Exposing This Cover-Up:

The implications would be that we had no right to invade Iraq or Afganistan.  Bid Laden was not responsible for mastermining a controlled demolition that used explosive materials only available to the US military.  Other similar black-flag covert operations would hopefully be investigated as well.  The truth would come out that a small rouge group on Earth have been planning and carrying out operations like 911 for a long time to create fear and termoil on earth to suit their agenda of power and control.  Without this rogue group in power, the people of the Earth could come together and work on progress together.  They could live in peace without the artificial fear and war perpetuated by this small, secret, yet extremely powerful group.

2. The UFO Cover-Up or Simply “Disclosure”:

Click Here for a summary of over 60 ex-military, government and corporate officials on the UFO cover-up and and end to the energy crisis, courtesy of

There are now so many groups working to expose this cover-up it is simply called “Disclosure”.  The main proponent is Dr. Steven Greer who in May of 2000 presented “The Disclosure Project” to the world on NPR Science Friday.  At that meeting was every news media in the US.  Not one however, was allowed to air their tapes on the news to the public.  At that meeting 20 ex-military, corporate executive, government officials  and others presented their testimony that they had personally had knowledge or direct experience of alien technology available right now that could eliminate every physical problem known to humanity.

In June of 2009, Steven Greer spoke in Denver.  I was at that presentation and he publically stated that Skunkworks, a black operations arm of Lockheed, had developed a working ship that currently goes faster than the speed of light.  The first time someone hears this they automatically assume that if someone could develop such a ship, why wouldn’t they just bring it to market.  Steven is quick to point out that there are still some 200 trillion dollars worth of fossil fuels in the Earth.  That is alot of persuasion and power to quelch any attempt to bring this type of technology to the public.

At the same time, this secret group is using this technolgy for themselves.  If anyone in these programs talks about their knowledge, their fat salaries and pensions will be taken away or even worse has happened such as murder of themselves and loved ones.  It gets pretty nasty when 200 trillion dollars is at stake.  However, with the internet and the growing consciousness, this type of supression is quickly loosing its grip.  For more info, check out and videos below:


Implications of Exposing This Cover-Up:

We will no longer be dependent on fossil fuels.  We will have tremendous technologies available to us and mentors from the Galactic Federation to quickly bring us up to speed on what we know but the amnesia has covered it up.  We will quickly go from a society based on scarcity to one of abundance even including quickly going beyond the need for money.  We will live in freedom and there will be no more need to work and toil, but spend our time in creativity and service.  Government will have a very reduced place and those serving will have the people’s best interest at heart.  Government will once again serve the people rather than be a tool of the corporate world and ultimately the illuminati.

Disclosure is also based on increased awareness.  Off-world civilizations are so advanced because they have learned to live in peace- a peace based on higher consciousness.  If not, they would have destroyed themselves eons ago.  We will shortly have that same awareness on Earth.  It is fast approaching and at this point it is unstopable.  Disclosure is very close to happening.

Exerpts from “Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge”, By Steven Greer

Talking about what life on earth will look like when we regain access to technologies that exist on Earth today, but that have been suppressed.  Many of these technologies have been back-engineered from recovered alien technology.  The following vision of possibilities shows what is at stake with disclosure.  This vision of possibilities is ours for the collective taking.

“As we re-establish civilization with these new technologies, over the next hundred years or so, there will be permanent peace, the elimination of poverty and growing abundance on Earth.  As these technologies are applied for peaceful purposes, and every nation and people on Earth have vowed to absolutely crush any attempt to weaponize them, we will see a flowering of humanity unlike anytime on Earth’s history. 

Every village and every community will have the means to create pollution-free energy that is unlimited for manufacturing, clean water, transportation, the ability to grow organic natural food, etc

Imagine:  You could go anywhere in the world, and have all you need at very little {or no} cost.  With no cost of energy, you could have all the light and controlled temperature you want in any climate, and grow any type of food needed, under computerized, automated conditions.  This technology exists today.  There will be abundant food of the highest quality without petrochemicals, fertilizers and pesticides for everyone. …. Free energy is the key.

The earth being over two-thirds covered with water, has plenty of water if you can desalinate it…. When energy is free and abundant, this will be possible.  Manufacturing will be abundant, clean and very inexpensive…. As all these costs are basically energy-related.  When the energy component becomes zero… a whole new world of abundance and pollution-free sustainability in harmony with nature.

Because of these advances in technology, the work week will shrink to between 15 and 25 hours, mostly out of choice, and the rest of people’s time will be spent in the pursuit of creativity, recreation, learning and other positive pursuits.  The economics of the transformative effect of these technologies will be such that there will be no need to work 40 -60 hours per week; in fact, doing so would be socially harmful. People will then be able to discover their Dharma, their calling for what they can contribute that is most constant with their God-given skills and their innate capabilities and talent… This, a civilization where people can pursue higher states of consciousness and enlightenment, will at last be possible.

Earth will be a globe of villages.  Why?  Because if you can go from Phoenix to Paris in three or four minutes, there will be no need to aggregate in these very dense, sprawling cities.  Some people will choose to live in larger communities, but there will be no economic necessity for huge metropolises.  Transport will be rapid, above ground and efficient, using ARV technologies….

Such travel above ground with anti-gravity systems will allow for the most remote places on Earth to be fully inhabitable, with little environmental impact…. With these new free energy technologies, 100 percent recycling will be feasible, including water.  Water can be trapped and recycled, rather than being spoiled and just dumped into waterways and the ground.  I am speaking now of technologies that are [already available] not those that need to be invented.

So what material need would there be that couldn’t be met?  There isn’t one.  And this is the big message.  There would be no material need unmet.  And in that state, the human condition can begin to blossom from one of need and fear to a state of repose, and move on to higher spiritual pursuits. 

Also shelter will be altered tremendously.  Think about the fact that if you have anti-gravity capabilities, building materials can be moved into place just like the pyramids were built.  You can have buildings that are made out of whatever materials are least harmful to the Earth.  Technologies would exist so that many of the chemicals that are used now wouldn’t be necessary.  Heating and cooling, since energy is free, would not require structures that are chemically toxic and sealed up in unhealthy ways

Housing would be much less expensive, and the means to build them will be radically altered because of these technologies.  When you look at ancient peoples, you see they lived together closely in villages, preserving the surrounding land for agriculture, recreation or just being natural.  Humans, being social animals, will choose to live in such villages in the future, in a way that is high-tech self-sufficiency.

…the future of manufacturing will be that everything that needs power will have a free energy source within it.  There will be no need to have wiring within a house; everything will be wireless. Thus the cost and complexity of  building will be greatly reduced.  Construction will be simpler, cleaner, and more natural- less expensive and more beautiful.

This is how we will rebuild Earth, with consciousness and new technologies.  On that foundation, a civilization that is at peace and abundant, and where humans are freed to pursue more enlightened activity will thrive.  It will be a totally altered economic order, manufacturing structure, and industrial structure.  In the aftermath of all this change, there will be a single global currency; there will be national boundaries, but they will be less important.

In medicine, most of the problems we are struggling with now are lifestyle related.  How one eats, lives and exercises determines at least 90 percent of your health.  In the classified projects, technologies exist that would enable people to completely regenerate limbs or an injured spinal cord. These exist now.

Disease that appear now to be incurable, ranging from cancer to AIDS to other infectious diseases- even severe injuries- will be curable.

Scientific healing will be vastly more evolved than what we have today, because we will add to it the knowledge of these new electromagnetic systems and sciences that have been kept secret…. In the future, medicine will be both more high tech and more holistic- at the same time.

In regards to death, there is a time to be born, there is a time to live and there is a time to let go and drop the body.  There is no need to live forever in a physical body.  Life on Earth is precious- but so is the astral worlds of light.  Once we understand the beauty of the afterlife, we will be less anxious about leaving this one….  In the future, more emphasis will be on having a good life- and a good death, at home, in peace, surrounded by loved ones, not machines.

In the future, this level of abundance will allow us to not only optimize medicine and healing but also the education of every child.  We will learn how to truly educate, and it will begin at an early age.  Certain meditative and spiritual techniques unlock enormous potential and will be taught at 4-6 years of age… Over time there will be an enormous growth in the mean IQ,….

With the elimination of poverty- impossible without these new technologies- the minds of [children in the undeveloped world] will also blossom.  In the developed and developing world, there is much chemical and toxic poisoning- heavy metals, lead paint, air pollution.  These will also be eliminated.

People will learn to find mates that they are mutually connected to and then really commit- and then have children.  Children should have the parents and extended family to support them and provide the love and discipline needed.  Every child will be seen as a sacred trust, to protect, nurture and raise toward enlightenment. 

The kind of wholesale bigotry that is attached to gender and sexuality will be a thing of the past. …. [These are just ] a distraction from the real moral questions that should concern us.”

This coverup is getting much more attention that the previous two, but it is still far from transparent to Main Street just how bad their rape and pillage by the Government/Wall Street alliance is.  The 9-trillion TARP bailout is only the tip of the iceberg.  Wall Street has generated over 1.5 Quadrillion in derivitives that is generating infathomable money to these Banksters- a giant ponzi scheme that is currently tumbling down.  These ripoffs are bankrupting Main Street savings and pension plans as the Banksters get even more wealthy.

Wall Street, with no accountability, is holding Main Streets all over the world hostage on how taxpayer money is being spent, debt is being generated and where the payoffs are going.  Obama promised transparency in the US, but it is now obvious to the whole world that no matter which party is in control of the US, major policies do not change as both parties are owned and controlled by Wall Street and ultimately the illuminati.

Just with regards to the 9-trillion Wall Street bailout, watch this video on a congressional committee asking the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve where the 9-Trillion in taxpayer bailout money has gone.  Start watching at the 3-minute mark.  According to her, they have not even yet begun to investigate.  It’s pretty obvious, that they have no intention of letting anyone outside of their exclusive circle of insiders know where this tremendous taxpayer bailout went.

In other words, $30,000 in debt, for every person in the US that was just given to the Wall Street Bankers has no tracking device, accountability or motivation to be held accountable.  And yet Main Street is being forclosed on their homes that the Wall Street Banksters have been totally paid off for.  In spite of this financial meltdown, no laws have been changed to prevent this from happening again, no bankers have been prosecuted, and banking bonuses continue on to reward the same people who got us into this mess in the first place.  It’s becoming more obvious to Main Street, that this whole corporate/financial system is corrupt and toxic to life on Earth.  It needs to be totally dismanteled and in it’s place put a system that supports the hard work and integrity of Main Street.

An ex-Goldman Sachs executive and author of a book on the 9-Trillion dollar Wall Street bailout telling it like it is.

3. The Financial Robery of Main Street by the  Government/Wall Street Alliance Cover-Up:

The FED Inspector General admitting they have no intention of telling the American Public where their money has gone.

Imagine if all the debt in the world was just erased.  This is certainly the way it works for banks- why not Main Street?  We still have all the productive capacity and collective knowledge.  Nothing would change, except that the world would now be free of useless debt that is only being paid to fewer and fewer.  Look at what is happening here.  It makes no sense.  We as a collective humanity, keep getting smarter every day with new inventions and discoveries.  Yet, these discoveries and inventions are not applied in a way that frees up humanity, but rather in a way that further enslaves it.  This is the beauty of a financial system that rewards control, monopolies and centralization.  More money is made when needs are greater for more people.  Money is just not needed when there is abundance, health and harmony.

Whatever purpose money as we have know it has served, it is no longer necessary.  We should wipe the slates clean and replace all the bankers and government people that are currently running the show with a hard currency system owned and operated by the Country itself- the way the constitution of the US has it spelled out- imagine that! 

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, the day before 911, admitting that the defense department cannot account for 2.3 Trillion dollars!

It was later found out that the exact place the pentagon was hit was where those records were kept, the day after the above announcement was made.

Great explanation by MSNBC on how part of this financial coverup and con has taken place and how new legislation only makes it more easy for this to happen again in the future.

This video is not just about Obama, but how the  whole US political system is a front for larger Wall Street interests.  It shows how the distinction between the two political parties in the US is just a sham.  The same behind the scenes control gets its way regardless of which party is in control.   I had great hope when Obama was elected too, but the facts of the last two years must make it obvious how the politicians are just window dressing to the larger powers behind the scenes.  If anything has changed during these last two years, it’s that the US and the world as a whole is in even a greater mess than before.  The special focus of this video is over the TARP bailout, where those trillions went, and the total unacountability and non-integrity our political/Wall Street financial system has to Main Street.  These powers behind the scenes are what this video, watched by almost 9-million viewers explores. 

Here’s a video where Jesse Ventura talks about his new book “63 Documents the Government Does not Want You to Read” that reprints documents that prove how our 2-party system is a dictatorship and in bed with Wall Street.

Good annimation explaining the bank bailouts.