Peace, freedom and love are what the world can use more of right now.  From the illusion of separation we go to wars , we destroy the earth, we create enemies, we experience loneliness.  It’s a world based on the story of a “me” getting as much as I can for myself at the exclusion of the betterment of the whole.  It’s the illusion that there is a separate “me” that is the center of the Universe; just as it used to be the common outdated understanding that the Earth was the center of the Universe. 

No system can transcend itself and if we are going to have lasting peace, we need a shared experience of Oneness where we don’t experience our essential natures as separate but as One.  Again, this will never be “got” in the mind, because the mind is based in separateness.  The conscious recognition of awareness wholistically connects us to all manifestation.  When we experience our essential nature as Oneness, why would we ever want to kill another.  Why would we want to deprive another of what we have, because the other is experienced as ourselves.

Stepping beyond the egoic mind allows for new possibilities to unfold.  The ego, as a separate entity can only project into the future based on memories from the past.  When these memories from the past are projected within the confines of belief and thought structures that have been ingrained over time, you can see how history repeats itself.  The only way to get out of this time loop of repetition, is to move beyond time itself, which could be said to be a partial attribute of awareness.

This is possible when functioning from this ever-present now that has been discussed.  Standing in the total mystery of life and watching it unfold.  Knowing that anything is possible and apparent life can change on a dime.  Life does not need to be a continuation of the past, but can and does have abrupt transition points.  We are now in one of the most abrupt transition points this Universe has ever witnessed.

I see the light entering Earth like no other time in recent history.  Awareness is becoming experienced as the essential reality by an increasing number of people each and every day.  It’s a tidal wave of higher consciousness that cannot be stopped.  All the fear and destruction we see on the TV are but a remnant of what will soon pass.  Awareness dissolves all conflict and separation.  It is on the rise in a growing number of peoples’ awareness whether they currently recognize it or not. 

There is a cosmic design as to how life is unfolding.  This cosmic design, from my viewpoint, is going to complete its cycle on earth to a higher dimensional reality where people, planet-wide on Earth will be experiencing awareness as their primary reality.  This shift is occurring now.  People on mass are waking up from the amnesia of separateness to the Oneness as awareness.  People are waking up from the amnesia as weak individuals to the unlimited, divine expressions that they are.

Our outer world must reflect our collective inner experience.  As our collective inner experience changes from separation to Oneness, it will have wholistic implications in every area of the manifested world.  As this process unfolds, we will recognize once again, a whole new world based on peace, love and freedom.  A world where we will quickly go beyond the need for money, because technology will no longer be supressed by a few, but shared equally by all.  We will recognize once again, our galactic family- star nations from where these apparent mind/bodies came from.  We will travel the stars and take our rightful place among peaceful off-world, highly advanced civilizations.  We will become true stewards of Mother Earth.

We have seen what the attachment to the mind/body organism as a separate entity can create.  We have experienced just how dark it can be when we are consciously cut off from our source.  Now it’s time to experience, once again, the possibilities of life as Oneness.  Let go of any fears, constrictions and embrace a future that knows no boundaries, limits or possible outcomes.  The possibilities are endless when we consciously recognize that life is not controlled by feeble, separate, mind/bodies but the infinite universal intelligence and energy that contains all manifestation.  And that is what you are!

“The Freedom You Are Looking For, Is Where You are Looking From”

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