Ego-Deconstruction Techniques

   Why Become Free of Ego as Your Essential Identity?
It’s been said many times, but I’ll say it again, ego is a necessary tool but a poor master.  In other words, ego is necessary to navigate this 3-D world but as your essential identity, it’s a house of cards.  With ego as your identity, you fight to maintain your thoughts, beliefs, opinions, judgements and so on as your very identity.  With ego as your identity, you are lost to your greatness, your Oneness with all creation.  You are building a life without a foundation.  You feel lost, separate and alone.  You yearn for a love and connectedness that the changing world of ego can never permanently satisfy.  You are like a leaf blowing in the constant winds of change. 

As our ego becomes deconstructed, we no longer are bound to recreate the future from the past.  Reliving a future based on handed down and outdated belief systems from a circular dream that is going nowhere.  A constant struggle of duality that is taking us down a path of more destruction, separation, conflict and death.  It’s time to break out of this prison of our words, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, judgements and other thought forms- the limitations of ego.

Ego loves to be reactive.  Making others wrong and it right.  Ego loves conflict.  Anything that supports separation is the ego’s area of operation.  I’ve experienced what it’s like to live a highly reactive life, and now I experience the peace of Oneness.  It’s no life to go from one reaction to another.  To constantly feel edgy, irratible, the almost non-stop talking in your head about how you are right and the other is wrong, and with it, the inner termoil that is created.  No thanks!  As the old saying goes, “been there, done that”!

Do you feel at peace, whole, connected and complete?  These are not the qualities of ego as your essential identity.  You may even have deep spiritual beliefs, but if your identify with your mind/body is your reference point, then ego is still your essential identity.  When ego is deconstructed, your essential identity as ego disappears. You still function in society as before, but now you are observing this mind/body character functioning in daily life.  Your reference point is now the unmanifest field from where ego is held.  You are established in an unmoving field that contains your ego.  This is the most natural state you can imagine.  

This conscious recognition of your natural state as awareness will take you home to a place of exquisite completeness, wholeness, connectedness and peace- to use a few descriptive pointers.  If the constant termoil of ego identification is not where you want to be, you might consider some of the following ego deconstruction techniques.

Introduction to Freedom From Ego Identification

We say “I” this and “I” that without ever really looking at what the “I” is we are talking from.  This “I” you are talking from is ego.   Your persona- your words, thoughts, experiences, opinions, beliefs, judgements, fears and anything else that sets up the energy of a “me” against the world.  I found that if I looked at the hooks that kept me attached to this “I” as my identity- or as Mooji states, “I entity”, the ego began to loose its grip, and my identity as awareness started to be more easily recognized.

As deconstruction of ego unfolds, you begin to realize that your essential identity is not ego- this “I” that we usually speak from.  Until that time you associate your very identity as ego- your thoughts, beliefs, opinions, judgements and so on.  Essentially you think your identity is your programming and conditioning.  When you begin to work with the techniques listed below, you begin to realize that these thoughts, beliefs, opinions, judgements and so on can be easily changed- they are flexible.  So the realization dawns, that if these aspects can be changed, molded, how can they be me?  You begin to become aware of that deeper quality that has been viewing your experience- your ego, the same way your whole life.  That deeper aspect that gives your life continuity.  That aspect that you are viewing life from right now.

The Power of the Simple Recognition of the Hooks of Ego

Just the simple recognition of the hooks of ego allows the prison walls of our own making to begin to soften.  This prision is our very identity as our thoughts, beliefs, opinions, judgements and other conditioning, that we might have gone our whole lifetime, up to this point, without even questioning.  Once we recognize these hooks, It’s as if our boundaries of separation begin to melt.  It’s seen that they essentially were never there in the first place.  The hypnosis of separation has begun to crumble.  Simple recognition of our  thoughts, beliefs, opinions, judgements and so on- the hooks of ego, automatically defuses our attachments and identification to the story of our life.  At some point, you will become very bored with your story.  This is a good thing.
Once you begin to look at these hooks, that keep you locked into your story, you are getting serious about removing the food source of your ego.  This food source is your attention.  The more your story sucks you in through the attention you give it the stronger it will get.  All this is done in a very unconscious manner.  People kill and die for the story of their separate selves and in the end- this apparent story kills them, as their ego attachment dissolves in physical death.  As long as these hooks of ego keep your attention hanging onto the story of your life as your identity, your uniqueness, you will not find lasting peace in awareness or Oneness as as your true nature.

Have Some Fun with This

Don’t be too hard on yourself here.  You’ve had a lifetime of associating with all these hooks of ego as your very identity.  More than likely they go back even longer than your life as they have been passed down from generation to generation, lifetime to lifetime.  Play with these techniques and have fun.  Getting too serious about recognizing the hooks of your story might keep you in ego by trying.  Remember, ego loves techniques, programs, processes- anything in a time-space continuom.  It can also be very frustrating trying not to try.  Just notice what is, that’s all.  It’s like when you wake up from sleeping and you notice the apparent outside world.  You don’t do anything, or try, you just notice.  

There is an old saying that goes “energy goes where attention flows”.  Whatever energy is, it seems to be the building block of this physical existance- the currency of this shared illusion.  This 3-D world seems to be built from where we focus our energy via our attention.  The following hooks seem to keep us focused on our story.  These are like hooks in a fish’s mouth that continually reels us in to focus on and give attention to our story.  The story of a me, my life, my uniqueness, and me making it happen as a separate identity.

There are two types of Ego Deconstruction Techniques.  One for the “mind” and the other for the “body”.   Let’s first look at the deconstruction techniques that pertain mainly to the mind and then at the end of this section we will look at those that pertain to the body.

The Mind-Based Freedom From Ego Identification- Techniques
✄✄✄✄✄✄✄Cutting the Mental Hooks of Ego✄✄✄✄✄✄✄

Mind-Based Freedom Techniques to Cut The Hooks of Ego Explained Below Include:
    ✂ Words
    ✂ “My” Word
    ✂ Thoughts
    ✂ Judgements
    ✂ Opinions
    ✂ Beliefs
    ✂ Triggers
    ✂ Fear
    ✂ Don’t Take it Personally

The most basic hook is just a word.  Conceptual representations of raw experience.  Michael Brown, who wrote the book, “The Presence Process”  breaks this process down even further into letters that form words through spelling.  He points out that spelling is a form of spells.  When we give a name to something like a tree, we never view it in the same way again.  Instead of looking at it as the wonder and total mystery that it is, we just gloss over it as we now conceptually see it through the generic label we have given it.

We all have our own definition for words, even if we look up a word in a dictionary and agree on the definition of a word, we still have different life experiences that color that definition.  What’s even more difficult is that some words have a great charge around them that seems to illicit a strong response in individuals as well as groups of people comprising special interests, nations and even the world.  Words like democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, God, government, sex, money,  terrorist- and the list goes on and on.  Words that automatically take us personally and collectively out of peace and into a reactive frenzy.  

Words divide the experience of wholeness into a conceptual subset of meaning that is both different for each individual and different for each group of people.  No wonder there is so much trouble and strife on Earth at this time.  By giving words such power and attention, we take ourselves out of the experience of wholeness and get stuck in the separateness of meaning.  We get stuck in identifying our very natures as these conceptual words we use.

Even when we communicate with people one to one, many of our arguements are not necessarily over a different opinion or belief, but a different definition of the words we are using.  If we could just stop and take time with each other to define our words, I’ll bet we would see through alot of our apparent differences.

Are words bad?  Words are just tools.  Tools used to orient in dimensional reality.  The question is, what is your essential nature?  Is it wholeness, Oneness, connectedness through recognition of awareness- or is it identification with words and the resulting separation, constriction, control, conflict and death?

Words have power over our lives, over our essential natures, simply because we give them so much attention.  By giving them so much attention, we identify with their conceptual meanings as to who we are- they actually define us.  By changing our focus from words to the awareness that’s looking at words, words begin to loose their grip over our identity.  We stop reacting to the words and we begin to recognize our essential nature as present awareness  

So why would anyone care?  They would care because wholeness, as Adyashanti notes, is what we seem to be wired for.  Peace, expansion, love, bliss, balance- all are just expressions of wholeness.  Separation creates the problems as seen in our present world situation.  War, strife, conflict, destruction, sickness, disease, poverty- just look around.  To help you in going beyond the reaction to and separation created by words you might try the following ego deconstruction technique.

“Word” Freedom From Ego Identification Technique:
The following is a great exercise that I used and I’m not sure if I first heard about it from Michael Brown or Eckhart Tolle but it goes like this.  Walk in nature anywhere and look and observe but recognize when you begin to label things.  Just be aware of this automatically conditioned labeling process that’s going on.  You don’t need to try and stop it, just recognizing it is enough to de-energize it.  

After a short period of time you will begin to recognize that you can experience nature without the labeling process as intensely as it used to be.  Nature is a good place to start because you don’t have to be cognizant of traffic or other obstructions that could present physical danger.  This is certainly not recommended while driving or around anything that could present you or others physical danger by not paying attention.

Very quickly you will recognize that even in traffic, you will be reading fewer billboards or labeling cars, types of people, or any other number of thoughts or labels our minds used to continually barage us with.  At first the mind will think, “ how could I ever survive without constantly locating myself in space and time through labeling?”   But very quickly you will recognize that your essential nature has nothing to do with words and labels.  You are able to function in life very easily without ego as your master.  Ego is just a tool- not a foundation.

Very quickly you may begin to recognize that you have been under the spell of separation that words are so good at setting the stage for.  By investigating words in this way, it will undermine all the following hooks which are just different arrangements of words.

Selfing or using the “My” word:
The most basic word that is used to separate us from life is the “my” word.  Another memory I have is of listening to Paul Hedderman on or at his website at and having my ears perk up when he said that anytime we place a “my” in front of a statement, automatically we are drawn more into the story of me.  We love anything about me.  Just be aware of this dynamic and again you will be amazed at how this one word sucks you into the story of “my” life.

Paul comes from a background of a 12-step program for alcoholics.  He points out that the greatest addiction we have is to what he terms “selfing”.  That we are a separate self.  This selfing is given extra juice through adding this little word “my” in front of anything we do or have.  All of  a sudden we give anything with a “me”  or “my” in front of it extra attention- the food of ego.

“Selfing” Freedom From Ego Identification Technique:
Just watch during the day how many times this sneaky little “my” word gets inserted into your thoughts.  My, my, my- the story of my life, my this, my that.  It magically separates you from life- a me against the world. 

The next most basic form of any of the following hooks are just simple thoughts.  We swim in a sea of thoughts almost constantly, and yet they have no substance.  We assume that our identity is this uncontrollable barrage of thoughts that are constantly coming into our awareness.  We think without them we would not exist.  We think they define who we are.

We think these are our thoughts and we love them.  Yet, where do thoughts come from?  They are floating around in the collective consciousness.  The thought forms could have been installed in childhood and keep replaying themselves over and over again in our mind.    

Like all of the following hooks, thoughts can be defused by just the simple recognition of what they are.  By simply observing their random nature and how they come into awareness and then leave without a trace.  Just observe them coming and going.  Look at the space inbetween thoughts.  Feel the peace when no thoughts are present.  See the timeless, spaceless wholeness that exists when thoughts are not present.  

Time and space are dependent on thoughts about them.  Without a thought about time, time does not exist.  Without a thought about space, space does not exist.  Just notice the reality of the previous statements in your own awareness.  This is not something you can verify by asking someone else or reading it somewhere or even getting the answer from a guru or other spiritual teacher.  It’s not even going to be verified by asking someone else about their experience.  Like all truth, it must be recognized in your own experience.

“Thoughts” Ego Deconstruction Technique:
Bob Adamson terms this “full stop”.  Notice the spacious awareness in between thoughts.  Even though this spacious awareness is always there when thoughts are present, in all conditions and circumstances, it is first most easily recognized in between thoughts.  Usually at first it may only be recognized in retrospect.  That’s OK.  Just be easy.  Melt into this.  As has been said so often, even on this website, this spacious awareness is beyond thoughts.  You will not get this in your mind, but rather sort of felt.  A knowingness that is not dependent on any thought.

All the following hooks that follow, come in through thoughts and are just as illusory as simple thoughts.  Yet without conscious recognition of them, they control and define your life.  A control and definition that for the greater part lacks peace.  Just like thoughts, the simple recognition of them, goes a long way to defusing their power.  This simple recognition may go along way to bring you back to the awareness of your essential nature as undifferentiated, non-conceptual Oneness.  

I remember walking around the Boulder Creek Festival which happens every Memorial Day weekend in Boulder, CO and just noticing or recognizing how many judgements I had.  It was amazing.  Almost every thought was a judgement about someone, a comparison about how, in essence, I was better than them in some way.  All this happens on automatic pilot.  

I’d find myself judging the weight of other, body types and shapes, what people were eating, what they looked like, what they were wearing, on and on and on......  Just being aware of how much this internal dialogue was automatically going on was a revelation for me.  Not only what the dialogue was, but how frequently it was occuring astounded me.  It was like a machine gun- a non-stop barrage of one judgement after the other.  If I was going to write them down as they came into my awareness, there would have been no way I could have written that fast.  

Before this little exercise, I wasn’t even aware of how much I was automatically doing this.  Yet energy was going out to somehow support and prop up a me against them scenario.   Food for all of this is just our attention we give this, rather we are aware of it or not.  A separate “me” was continually being propped up- a Jeff that was somehow superior to others out there.  

I don’t remember trying to stop this dialogue.  Just becoming aware of it seemed to be enough to drastically reduce the energy that I was unconsciously feeding it.  

“Judgements” Freedom From Ego Identification Technique:
Walk around where there are groups of people and just notice your judgements.  You don’t even need to write them down, just notice them.

Another event I remember was just being in the locker room at the gym I was attending and noticing my opinions to the news playing of the TV screen there.  How easily I would get drawn into debates about political issues, spiritual topics, the environment or interviews.  It seemed like my opinions and beliefs were endless.  Again, however, just recognizing them seemed to somehow defuse the energy around them.  

In just recognizing this, very soon I would notice a space around my opinions.  A separation of sorts where I could just watch my opinions coming up.  I remember laughing at this at times, as my mind would draw me into conflict of how my opinions were right and the others wrong.  Oh how the mind loves conflict!

“Opinions” Freedom From Ego Identification Technique:
Watch a TV program that is very opinionated.  Try one that you disagree with and just notice your opinions.  Even just watch the evening news or a talk show where opinions are right in your face.  Again, just notice them.

At first when doing this technique, your opinions will most likely take you out of this technique.  Before you even recognize it you will be off defending your opinion.  You may be driving down the road maybe even a half an hour later before you recognize that you forgot about the technique as your opinion took your awareness completely over.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Just recognize how powerful opinions can be at triggering this type of automatic response.  This response is activated outside of any conscious control you might think you have.

As I look back, I can say that energetically feeding beliefs is a delicious food for the ego.  If there is any one thing that creates separation more than all others combined, I would say from my experience it would be beliefs.  Beliefs create division- a me or us against them scenario.  To go beyond beliefs is to taste a freedom that is so exquisite, it defys imagination.  To go beyond beliefs is to go beyond separation.  Going beyond separation is liberation, freedom, wholeness and balance.  

Beliefs are the chains that keep us locked up from the infinite flow and mystery of life.  They are the walls that keep us small, constricted and weak.   They are the mental constructs that keep us in bondage.  They are the ultimate food source for ego, for separation, for death.  When our beliefs blindly leed us, we are like robots.  These beliefs we identify with as who we are, cause us to act automatically.

How do  we go about unplugging energetically from our beliefs?  I have found that once again, just being aware of what our beliefs are is a great start.  You might try writing them down on a piece of paper and looking at them.   

There are also many techniques that can help to diffuse your attachment to beliefs.  The one that was helpful to me was a technique called PSYCK-K.  You can learn more about this at  

Beliefs can be changed with many self-help programs available today.  This change of beliefs can certainly help in the 3-D world, but if you are serious about finding out what your essential nature is, changing beliefs will not be any significant value.  It’s more like window dressing.  Substituting one set of beliefs for another.  The point in experiencing your real, non-changing, essential nature is to go beyond all beliefs, all separation, everything.  Simply put, to just recognize what you are right now, without going anywhere or doing anything.  

Having said that, some beliefs are so strong, they run our lives.  They automatically take us out of peace and into conflict- into a reactive frenzy.  We can find ourselves going from one reaction to the next.  That’s why it might be helpful to have techniques to defuse some of these strong beliefs.  It’s always amazing to defuse a strong belief and experience peace when a given situation occurs that used to set you off in an automatic reaction.

When this change occurs, we get valuable insights into the reality that we are not our beliefs.  If we can change our beliefs, and yet we still exist, our beliefs must not be our real identity.  Our essential nature must be beyond beliefs.

“Beliefs” Freedom From Ego Identification Technique:
Carry a notebook around or your laptop and just make a list of your commonly held beliefs.  Maybe even prioritize them as to the strongest first.  You might also try techniques such as PSYCH-K or EFT.

Triggers are anything that sets you off in an automatic response or reaction. You will know it’s a trigger, because you will just automatically respond, like the trigger pulled on a gun, the bullet just naturally is ejected out.  Before you know it you will be caught up in an emotional frenzy, completely out of control.  When you are unaware, you may be caught up in this emotional termoil for a day, weeks, months- you may even hold grudges your whole lifetime.  All the time you will most likely feel inside a termoil, a feeling of being torn apart.  Your mind will disregard this termoil, even deny it, but if you are truthful with yourself, you know that it is there.  Your body may even tell you it’s there with dis-ease.

At some point you will re-cognize that it is peace you are after.  This peace is worth dropping the story of any type of separation. This peace is worth letting go of any form of “being right”.  This peace is worth investigating and deactivating the trigger that set you off on your automatic, out of control, reactive frenzy.  

At first you will only be able to recognize your triggers in retrospect.  After a while, you will begin to see them when they are happening.  A great freedom will be experienced when a trigger is defused.  When that similar experience happens that used to set you off into an automatic tyraid of out of control behavior, but now you just feel peace.  What a relief it is to not be triggered by something someone said or did.  This is truly a freedom beyond understanding.

At some point the story of “me “ just becomes boring and uninteresting.  Rejoice when this realization happens, because this truly marks the beginning of the end of ego as your identity.

“Triggers” Freedom From Ego Identification Technique:
Carry a notebook around or your laptop and just make a list of your triggers that set you off.  Maybe even prioritize them as to the strongest first.

When you are triggered, at first you will be totally caught up in the experience.  Secondly, you will associate the trigger or automatic response as part of your character- a definition of who you are. Your first implule is to want to justify this trigger- your automatic response.  You will want to defend your trigger as you being right and the other wrong.  The ego loves to justify and validate its own existance and primacy as your identity.  Look at this justification- don’t just be a victum of it.  When you have dealt with your connections with ego, nothing and no one can move you from inner peace.

If you want to really look at the prime mover of all of the above hooks, it would come down to fear.  Fear of separation and survival.  In order to create the illusion of peace, wholeness, balance- the ego uses the above hooks to delude itself, that it is in control of your life.  We tend to go through life avoiding that which we fear.  We wall ourselves off from our fear.  We give attention to keep it out of our awareness.  This tendency to not explore our fear and keep it away from us, keeps us walled off from the main area of our life that can set us free of ego- our greatest fears. This attention to push fear away from us is the food source that feeds it and keeps it alive and growing.

“Fear” Freedom From Ego Identification Technique:
The next time you experience fear, instead of pushing it out of your awareness or medicating, try emerging yourself in it-  breathe through it.  Yes, I know this sounds scary.  But it’s not as bad as ego has led you to believe your whole life.  When you finally do confront your greatest fears, you will be amazed that there was nothing there.  This illusory thought has kept you from living life fully- from missing out on perhaps the most important part of life.  

Let this fear consume your whole being.  When you feel it has consumed you fully, look to see where it is.  Locate it.  You might feel it in a particular part of your body, but don’t stop there.  Keep trying to locate it in finer and finer areas.  Then finally ask yourself, what is observing this fear- and then try and locate that.  

You will find that fear is just like any other thought form.  It has no ultimate reality.  It has no location.  It comes from and disappears into nothing.  As this realization dawns, you will experience an expansion, a peace.  You will notice that the fear is no longer being experienced, because it has no substance to it.  This exercise can diffuse lifetimes of accumulated fear, just by simple self-inquiry.   It costs you nothing and you need not go anywhere or wait for anything to change in your apparent outer world.

Don’t Take it Personally:
As awareness begins to become more vibrant in your awareness, it will become clear that everyone is doing the best they can.  At any given moment, we act, and it seems to me that our actions are dictated by all the information available at that point.  Let go of any past regrets.  You did the best you could with what was available at the time.  Likewise, let go of any  worry about the future- it will unfold as it will.

Other people are also doing the very best they can.  If they knew a better way, they’d be doing it.  But the bottom line is, we really haven’t a clue as to what is going on.  Ego can create all types of stories about it and in these stories, we are almost always right and the other is wrong.  The age old adage- don’t judge another until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes is very profound.  It’s an automatic response to judge another by our own experience, by what’s happened to us and the knowledge we have.  But we have no idea where the other person is operating from.  What their life experience has been, what kind of a day they have had, what’s currently happening in their life.  Taking it personally how others treat us is just adding juice to our story and keeping us identified with ego.  

I’ve found that whatever we need is right in front of us.  No matter how painful or unfair it may seem, it wouldn’t be happening in awareness if it wasn’t what was needed at that apparent moment in time and space.  Life is happening.  All the senses are taking in stimuli without ego doing anything.  And yet, ego likes to take credit for it- making your life happen in a certain way.  

“Don’t Take it Personally” Freedom From Ego Identification Technique:
Let go of this mental concept of a you doing life, and be open to your life just unfolding one day at a time.  If someone cuts you off in traffic or is rude to you in a grocery store, just understand that they are doing the best they can.  Just let it go.  If it wasn’t you, it would have been someone else.  Just try letting life come to you.  Act when you are moved, but consciously let go of the concept of “making life happen”.  Just try this- if even for short moments.

At first you will feel a little disoriented, but you will quickly come to see that life just unfolds.  There is nothing that you are doing to make it happen.  Your control at making other people act and say what you would like them to has always been an illusion.  Shakespear had a very profound insight when he said that we are all just actors and the world is one big stage.    There is a great freedom in recognizing your lack of control.  Yes, it is a paradox, I know! 

Introduction to Body-Based Ego-Freedom Techniques:
Removing Yourself from Biological Conditioning That Reinforces Ego Identification

Body-Based Freedom From Ego Identification Techniques Explained Below 
✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ to Cut Ego Identification ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ 
✂ Stop Watching TV
✂ Stop Reading Newspapers, Mass Online News and Listening to Radio News
✂ Stop Eating Sugar and Chemically Manufactured Sugar Substitutes
✂ Stop Using Vaccines
✂ Stop Drinking Flouridated Water
✂ Stop Eating Chemically Processed Foods
✂ Stay Away from Western Medicine if Possible
✂ Relocate to Lesser Populated Areas not Polluted by Chemtrails
✂ Relocate to Lesser Populated Areas less Effected by Electromagnetic Pollution
✂ Reduce Use of Cell Phones Especially for Children
✂ Get Out of Debt
✂ Remove Yourself and Loved Ones from Mindless Programming

Look at Other Sources of News, Information and Inspiration

There is a concerted effort to reduce the earth’s population by the elite on this planet better know as the illuminati.  When the body is sick, it is less able to reflect awareness.      We have allowed this to happen as a world community because we look to outside sources as our authority figures.  See Mind Programming section. .

The deconstruction techniques listed above pertain to the mind.  The following ones pertain to the body.  They involve physically removing ourselves from certain environmental hazards that have been artificially created to control the larger population.  These stimuli reinforce the ego as our identity in a way so powerful and subtle that we are not even consciously aware of it.  Remember, when the body is sick and dull, the natural ability to reflect awareness is reduced.  These illustrations
are from and selected youtube videos.  Please take the time to watch the videos.  Our future is at stake.  Please pass these along to your friends and loved ones!

Stop watching TV:
If there was one physical influence you could remove yourself from that would probably have the largest impact of unplugging your apparent awareness from ego it would be quit watching TV.  As has already been pointed out in the mind programming section under TV, it only takes 30 seconds after focusing on a TV screen to fall into a theta state, a lower brainwave state where your brain is functioning in a more receptive way.

This theta brainwave function state is exactly the same state  that hypnotherapists use to install new programming that the client would like to function from in place of programming installed previously.  The big problem watching TV is that you don’t have a choice as in a hypnotherapy session.  You are held hostage to whatever the owners of the TV network choose to install into your subconscious awareness.  Once your subconscious awareness has had these new programs installed, you will function from this new programming as fact until they are changed.

This is so important because in the US for example, only 5 major corporations own an estimated 97% of the total news services. These are the same companies that are pushing for nuclear power, war armaments, GMO foods, vaccines, pharmaceuticles, and a whole list of additonal products and services that are not in Main Street’s best interest.  The techniques they use via the TV to change your subconscious programming are so subtle, that when watching you are not even aware of it.  For example, subliminal programming- a technique that has proved to be extremely effective in changing beliefs and behavior, yet one that has never had a law passed against it to make it illegal!

Turning off your TV will be harder to do than you might imagine because there is another aspect to TV.  When you watch it  and fall into this theta state, the brain loves this state and endorphins are produced.  Endorphins are feel-good chemicals that are similar to a runner’s high, or during orgasm.  So what happens is that you become addicted to TV.  Just watch this addiction in your own life.  If you watch a show at a certain time each night, don’t watch it for one night and you will notice a withdrawl of sorts.  You may become crabby and irratible.  You think you just want to watch the show, but in reality your body is looking for that endorphin  “fix” that is has become addicted to.

Stop Reading Newspapers, Mass Online News and Listening to Radio News:
This is such a big one for the ego it can’t be emphasized enough.  Ego thinks that is will not be able to orient in this 3-D reality if if is not kept informed.  The control in this apparent physical world that ego seeks is dependent on control.  For control it thinks it must have constant feedback on what’s happening in this apparent world.  

You have become so physically addicted to these forms of information that you will notice a type of withdrawl when you first unplug from them.  Your ego will start to feel disoriented and this is a good thing.  Very soon you will find that “you” still exist without this constant barrage of information.  In fact, you will begin to feel an increasing sense of peace, because the large percentage of news is so negative and fear-based.  

Be selective in what you read through specialty publications and the internet.  Always question truth as is perpetrated to the mass market.  Always run it past your own intuition- does it feel right?  Who is benefiting here?  Always use your own abilities as the final authority figure.  

Stop Eating Sugar and Chemically Manufactured Sugar Substitutes:
This was a big personal insight for me.  At some point, I noticed that after eating sugar, just like clockwork, I would become irratable and moody 24 hours later.  For me, it was long enough so that it took some time to make the connection.  After 24 hours I had mostly forgotten what I had previously eaten.  So it took some time for me to connect the dots.  But at some point, the dots where connected and I found that when I didn’t injest sugar, I was incredibly stable and even.

I also want to say that chemically manufactured sugar substitutes such as aspertane are incredible toxic.  I would encourage everyone to not injest these.  

Stop Using Vaccines:
The level of vacines has drastically increased now, all without finding a cure for a major disease within the last 60-years. Small children are affected the worse.  There has been a manyfold increase in autism, ADD, ADHD and other childhood diseases in direct proportion to the number of vaccines they have been forced to take.  The young infant is not forced to take 25 vacines by the age of two!


Stop Drinking Flouridated Water:
Chemically manufactured Floride is a deadly chemical that has been added to our water supply for decades thanks to bad science.  Naturally occuring floride has been substituted with the flouride left over from aluminum production.  A deadly chemical that is hazardous waste.  But apparently not when added to our drinking water???  Obviously something else is in play here.  Use bottled or RO water to remove this deadly chemical from your drinking water.
Stop Eating Chemically Processed Foods and Get the Word out on GMO’s (Genitically Modified Foods):
Above and beyond our food source being polluted with sugar and sugar substitutes is a wholesale onslot by companies to downgrade the nutritional content of the food we eat.  The organic and natural food suppliers have been under attack for decades and it’s getting worse.  Montsanto alone now owns 80% of the seed companies.  When they grow their GMO crops and their seeds blow into farmlands that have been organic for thousands of years- it’s Montsanto that sues the organic farmers - and they win in the courts!  That’s right, the courts support the polluters of  natural seed selection over thousands of years!

These GMO and other chemically derived foods have had little or no testing done on them, and the testing that has been done has largely been done by the manufacturer’s of the chemicals themselves.  All under the ospecies of the FDA.  It just takes a little common sense to understand that what has taken nature millions of years to create has an intelligence that can never be overturned by a quick 1-year or shorter trial.  This is the type of wholesale degridation of our lifestyles that results when we look to authority figures outside of ourselves.  When we look to our essential natures as ego rather than awareness.

The solution is to eat only organic foods whenever possible.  Ego believes it is a victum.  It reacts to its environment.  However, having been in the grocery business for 10-years in my earlier days, I can tell from direct experience that a store can only sell what people buy.  If enough people demand organic, non-GMO and chemically laced foods, then this is what will be sold.  Sellers are totally dependent on buyers.  The problem has been that ego is very manipulable.  As awareness becomes more into daily experience, the phenomenal world looses its grip and wisdom knows- it is not fooled by egoic attachment to manipulated thoughts, beliefs, opinions, judgements and so on.  http://www.urbangurucafe.comhttp://www.zenbitchslap.comhttp://www.GoingBeyondBeliefs.comMind_Control.htmlhttp://www.deesillustration.comshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3shapeimage_1_link_4

  1. But first, a Disclaimer:  Read this first!

  2. I found that all the following is totally unnecessary, as is everything on this website- every book you ever read or any outside knowledge. In the grand recognition of your essential nature as Oneness- it’s all totally unnecessary.  Your essential nature is, and always has been the very awareness that is reading these words right now.  Just notice right now, that this awareness you are never changes no matter how far you may travel or how old you are now- this awareness of life has always remained the same.  It’s the same awareness recognizing yourself in the mirror when you were a child that recognizes yourself in the mirror today.  To recognize awareness you don’t need to do anything, because you have never been anything but awareness.  Is this the ultimate joke or what!

  3. Having said that, I fully understand that it is just too simple for the mind, which loves complexity.  So maybe some of the following techniques might be helpful in recognizing that awareness which you already are.  These are some techniques that seemed to be helpful to me in recognizing that which was always there.  I will pass on a caution that Richard Sann gave to me- “Just remember, that you are awareness as your essential nature right now.  Falling into the trap that there is a separate you becoming more complete over time, or “getting” something you don’t have right now will keep you on the treadmill of mind.  It sets up a duality that is just not there as your essential nature.  Essentially there is no “you” trying to get something over time.    You are whole and complete right now without having to do anything.”

  4. I also found Scott Kiloby’s advice helpful.  “Use a technique as long as it’s helpful.  When it’s no longer necessary just simply let it go.”

Try Looking at “Your” Ego

Chemtrails are actual toxins- mostly aluminum, strontium and barium that are being sprayed into the air by the illuminati to make the general population sick.  They stay in the air much longer than normal jet exhaust.  Criss-crossing, geometrically spaced and lingering trails outside of normal passenger jet routes give them away.

Relocate to Lesser Populated Areas and Get the Word Out on Chemtrails:

Medical procedures are the third leading cause of death in the US.  This takes into account the unknown interaction of multiple drugs and surgical and hospital procedures.

Stay Away from Western Medicine if Possible:

Out of control electromagnetic fields have been studied extensively in Europe and measures are being taken to minimize exposure.  Here in the US the companies doing the studies are the same companies producing these toxic fields.

Relocate to Lesser Populated Areas less Effected by Electromagnetic Pollution:

Reduce Use of Cell Phones Especially for Children:

Out of control electromagnetic fields have been studied extensively in Europe and measures are being taken to minimize exposure.  Here in the US the companies doing the studies are the same companies producing these toxic fields.

Of special concern is our children’s extensive use of cell phones.  Brain tumors have increased dramatically in the last decade.

Get Out of Debt:

The ultimate “outsourcing” is looking outside to the apparent world of words, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, judgements, fear and so forth for your identity. 

There is a systemic problem in the world today.  We have automation that can handle 90% of the jobs that are done today.  The problem of course is that the middle class and those in poverty need jobs to survive.

We don’t even question the obvious which is why don’t we put all our knowledge to work for the benefit of everyone?Why don’t we go to a 20-hour workweek and let our collective knowledge benefit all humanity?

The reason is that ego sees everyone as separate.  It thrives on conflict, separation and division.  It’s solution is control and power to maintain an us versus them mentality.

At some point the basic assumption of separation becomes so painful that it is questioned at a fundamental level.  Looking at the current state of the world, it looks like the pain is at the point of a mass shift in consciousness. 

Remove Yourself and Loved Ones from Mindless Programming:

Whatever we focus on becomes stronger in our lives.  Watching mind-numbing sitcoms and fear-based news has an effect on us.  This input lowers our vibration and makes us dull.  Everything is programming.  The extent it clouds our pure awareness is the extent we give it our attention. 

Let’s end this section with a positive note:

Whatever we focus on becomes stronger in our lives.  This can’t be emphasized enough.  So changing our focus to more uplifting events, higher potentials, and more peace, connection and love increases our vibrational frequency.  It’s as simple as just following your intuition.  Look at the Resources Section to find other viewpoints and sources of knowledge not found through the mass media.  Changing our attention from conflict and fear to connectedness, love and peace, to the gaps between thoughts, removes the food value from ego. 

At the same time it is absolutely imperative to get the word out on the poison that is being perpetrated on the world’s population so that it can be stopped. 

Look at Other Sources of News, Information and Inspiration: