The Grand Recognition

Recognizing Your Essential Nature as Awareness or Not Two 

(An Advaita Approach)


  1. After looking for freedom his whole life, Jeff finally found it in the least expected place. The pointer, “What’s looking, is what you are looking for”, from St. Francis, was a turning point in a life-long search for the answer to “Who or What am I”?  This pointer morphed into the title of his e-book, “The Freedom You Are Looking For, Is Where You are Looking From”.

  2. The search came to an end during the Fall of 2009 when the deconstruction of his ego happened with the help of Richard Sann, Elizabeth Powers, Scott Kiloby, the Non-Duality or Advaita resources presented on this site and gut-level personal inquiry.  His ebook on this site highlights his awakening in chapters 27 and 28 and insights as a result.   The Ego Deconstruction techniquies he used are presented in full.

  3. Jeff Albrecht, currently lives in Boulder, CO and runs his business refinishing entry ways.  He is working to establish a state-of-the-art, sustainable community in Central America from off-world memories and “First Contact” on a global-scale with our Galactic Family.

  4. Jeff sells nothing on this site nor does he teach.  He just offers this site in service to others desiring to recognize their essential nature as might be termed- non-conceptual, spacious awareness.

  5. Some of the resources on this website, especially in the sections of Mind Control, Cover-Ups and The Galactic Federation will be difficult to comprehend until a certain degree of awareness has been achieved.  You will not find truth in these areas from common authority figures out there.   Every being has a built-in GPS that knows truth as intuition.  Intuition points to a reality much different than the one we are apparently awashed in today.

  6. Humanity is at a crossroads.  We cannot keep our conflicted views any longer.  We can no longer trust authority figures outside of our own intuition.  Whatever evolution is, it brings us into a state of greater connectedness, peace and Oneness.  Our connectedness and working together as one family is the key to World-Wide Prosperity.

  7. Have courage and explore areas you may have been fearful of exploring in the past.  Embracing your fear is the key to your freedom.  Your fear is a prison for your mind and only an illusion.  It is just another thought with no substantial reality.  The resources on this website can help you with this.

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  1. Welcome to the most bizarre search of your life.  A search to simply recognize that which you already are as your essential nature.  A search with no where to go and nothing to do.  A search which ends with the Grand Recognition that there is no separate entity here as our essential nature.  No content, just context.  A place words fail to describe.  The closest description seems to be just awareness or Oneness.  Our essential nature is beyond all thought forms, and all form. 

  2. This approach has been written about throughout the ages as Advaita Vedanta and made popular in recent times by such proponents as Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Bob Adamson, John Wheeler and many others I have provided in the “Resources” section of this website.  The Advaita approach simply asks the seeker to recognize at a gut-level, the answer to the question, “who or what am I?”  To answer this question experiencially, seems to shift awareness from the apparent self of experiences to the awareness that is aware of these experiences- your essential nature.  At some point, a recognition occurs that there is no one here as our essential nature.  A recognition that brings the long written about, permanent experience of a  “peace beyond understanding”.  It is a peace beyond understanding, because it’s a peace beyond mind.

  3. Your essential nature is that which never changes.  This does not reduce the beauty and mystery of our apparent nature- this infinite display of changing life we experience, through this body/mind character- in fact, it increases it.  When we experience ourselves as the container in which it all takes place, the canvass on which life is painted, the apparent world becomes much more playful, precious and mysterious.

  4. How complex such a simple recognition of our essential nature can become when we follow all the activities that a guru or other spiritual teachers did before awakening, or even their direction based on how they awakened to their essential natures.  We think that if we do what they did, or how they direct us, we will become awakened also.  It’s confusing the description of what happened to them as truth unfolded and thinking that if we do this, as a prescription, awakening will happen to me.  I would guess 99.99% of these followers, including myself, have stayed with guru’s 20-30 years or more without awakening!  If you’ve been with a spiritual teacher many years and still haven’t awakened, you might consider what this site has to offer.

  5. I’ve found that there are as many ways to awaken as there are people.  It seems to me that the student/teacher relationship is flawed for most people- in regards to awakening, in that the student gives their power of Self-inquiry away to the teacher to tell them what to do.  In my experience, at some point, you must become your own guru.  Truth cannot be experienced through second-hand advice, no matter how holy that person is made out to be.  It must be experienced at a personal level guided by your intuition.

  6. Only you know what you must do.  But I’m not saying gurus, teachers or even the church scene is not helpful.  I’m just saying that at some point, it’s been my experience, that it’s a one-on-one relationship with whatever you consider yourself to be and Oneness, your source- or whatever works for you. 

  7. For me, the term “recognition” has a lot of truth, because it points to something that is already there, something you don’t have to do anything, go anywhere or spend any amount of time to “get”.  No courses are required, no retreats, no books, no DVD’s, no purification, no anything, simply because it is what you are, right now, and always have been. These can all be helpful, but they are not necessary.   It seems so simple- and it is.  The Grand Recognition is simply recognizing the Oneness that you already are.

  8. This re-cognizing is beyond mind- so there’s nothing to “get” here.  It is impossible for the mind to “get” this because your essential nature encompases, yet is beyond mind.  So just allow yourself to melt into this stuff.  Let the pointers wash over you like water washing over sand on a warm tropical beach.  Let it saturate every particle of your being like the water saturates the sand. 

  1. Try savoring the pointers on this website like a fine wine, or even playfully as crabs frolicking in the sand as the surf washes over them.  Imagine the surf as pointers.  Melt into the pointers like snow melting in the warmth of the sun.  Recognize that you are already awareness or Oneness, without doing anything.  You have never been anything else and never will be.  Your are the blue sky beyond the passing clouds of ego.  You are the deep ocean below the ever changing waves.  Keep it simple.  Simply recognize what is. 

  2. For me, at some point, personal inquiry became more than just entertainment or belonging to a community of friends with the same practice, guru or beliefs in common.  For me, at some point, nothing in life was more important than a direct experience answering the question “Who or What am I?”.  At some point, I stopped listening to any outside influences and looked only to my inner experience.  I still read pointers and went to satsangs but always self-referred as to how they related to Oneness.  At some point, this momentum grew into a powerful force that could only end in the fulltime recognition of awareness as my essential nature.

  1. I’m not sure if anything on this website will help you in the recognition of Oneness that you already are.  Again, there are as many ways to awaken as there are people.  This site is just a case study of how this recognition unfolded for me and the resources that seemed useful.   This site has written itself, and has come about very effortlessly and spontaneously.  Use what works for you and leave the rest.  Intuition is your guide.