Mind Control


Overview on Mind Programming from David Icke

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Most of humanity lives in a centrally controlled hypnotic trance.    In separation, control is easy.   A few that understand how to manipulate ego on a mass-scale have ended up controlling, while the masses live as naive victims.

Indentifying with ego- emotions, thoughts and beliefs, keeps the masses wide open to mind programming.   Identifying with ego creates a stimulus-response reaction leading to robotic behavior.  You think you are using free will? Well, think again.  First of all, you have no idea where your thoughts come from.  Secondly, if you did have the power of original thought, you give it away everyday by looking outside, to the content of the world, for answers to even the most pertinant question of all- “What am I?”.  Because of your identification as a mind/body operating in an outside world, your mind or ego is manipulated so subtly and completely by this outside world that you don’t even know it.

Meanwhile, life just keeps getting worse for the middle-class and lower classes while power keeps consolidating into the hands of fewer and fewer.  We truly are like the proverbial frog who doesn’t detect danger until it’s too late.  Well my friends, the water is boiling.  We cannot continue to divide ourselves into more and more factions fighting against each other.  It’s time to wake up and see the insanity we cling to in a desperate attempt to recreate the Oneness that we are- simply without recognizing it.  A recognition that can change this insanity.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Within the time-space continuom here at least, on Earth at this time, the ego has an automatic component.   Scientific studies have shown that from 95% - 99% of our lives are controlled by our subconscious mind.  Our bodies function automatically- we don’t think about how to digest food, grow hair, or replicate and maintain the 50 - 70 trillion cells that make up our bodies.  We also don’t have any control over our thoughts, they just come and go like clouds passing in the sky.  We seem to have intentional thought streams, but when not focusing on thoughts, they are random and disconnected.  We have beliefs that seem to define who we are and we will not only die for our beliefs but we will kill others for them as well.  The most lethal part of our subconscious beliefs is that we are not aware of what they are.  They are usually not the same as our conscious beliefs.

Subconscious beliefs can be seen in the way you react.  They function like a “button” being pushed that is hard wired to a set of reactions.  When subconscious beliefs are activated, you will react immediately.  They happen faster than the time it takes to think about it. The reaction is just automatic.  Automatic as in a robot.  That’s right, until you explore and understand how subconscious beliefs are installed in you, what they are, and recognize the awareness that contains them, you can consider yourself a robot, without free or divine will. 

Being a hypnotherapist with the equivalent of 2-years of graduate study as far as classroom hours, and working with hundreds of clients, I’d like to reflect on what this body of knowledge has to say about the five major ways subconscious programming is installed into and define our egos everyday without us even being aware of it.  The artwork used in this section can be found at DeesIllustration.com

5 Ways Hypnosis Has Uncovered That Your Minds Are Controlled and Manipulated

Through Intentional SubConscious Implanted Beliefs-

Without You Even Consciously Recognizing It!

  1. 1. Authority Figures You Believe In

Any authority figure you believe in, whatever they say, their thoughts and beliefs have the ability to move right past your logical, filtering conscious mind and right into your subconscious.  This is why people holding opposing political beliefs can give each other all the reason and logic they have and it will not even make a dent in the other persons beliefs.  Reason and logic are in the conscious mind.  However, we react immediately, just like a robot to thoughts installed in the Subconscious mind.  Common Authority Figures might be: people holding governmental offices, elected officials, TV (news anchors, personalities or shows like 60-Minutes), celebrities, church officials, academians, authors, professionals, periodicals- (The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek etc.) , medical doctors, the “Boss” at work, etc.; anyone or any source that you believe in.


You give your power away anytime you look outside your own awareness for answers.  Just look around and see where the given authority figures have gotten us today.  Could it possibly be anymore of a world mess?  We think we are making decisions but our decisions are only in narrow boundaries, inside a very controlled box that allows the same people to be in power.   A very small box where the deeper questions are not even allowed to be asked.  It doesn’t matter which political party is in power, there is the illusion of choice, but in reality, the same wars are still fought, the same corporations still get their way, the same black flag operations are still unquestioned.  All the dialogue on the major news stations all have the same talking points.  Anything outside the box is considered conspiracy theory and anyone even voicing another viewpoint is quickly cast as a nut- which brings us to our next programming technique. Don’t believe what you think- your thoughts are implanted, instead use your own intuition.

  1. 2. Peer Group Pressure

Your family and friends play an important role in keeping you in line with mainstream thinking.  Due to our need to belong we share common beliefs with those that are close to us.  If the group of whomever we choose to associate with has a consensus opinion, if someone in the group that we respect says something, it is likely to go right into our subconscious.  The next time a similar situation comes up and activates that thought, we will automatically refer to it as fact and act accordingly.  If we disagree with this group-thinking we are outcasted, laughed at, presured to come back to the herd mentality.  This pressure is so subconsciously implanted that we very seldom even consciously recognize it.  This lack of conscious recognition is one of the main reasons, it’s influence is so powerful.


Because we feel ourselves to be separate, we cling to groups, friends, family, nations- anything we can try and duplicate our connection with our essential nature as Oneness.  It’s like Adyashanti says, “if enough of us can believe a collective delusion, we can all delude ourselves- at least for a while.  The ego loves company- an illusion loves company.” 

Religion, a Prime Mover as Both an Authority Figure and in Peer Group Pressure:

All religions subject their followers to amazing control, but I’ve never seen any religion more in control of individual’s life than the Jehovah Witness Church.  In this church, if you are disfellowshipped- that’s like being ex-communicated, your whole family and friends associated with the JWC can never speak to you again.  As I understand, today as many are being disfellowshipped as new people are entering.

All this because people have looked outside themselves to a church for a connection to their most essential nature.  What is the end result?  Hundreds of thousands have, and are today, loosing the very thing they went to the church in the first place for- connection.  Do you see how vulnerable you are to manipulation whenever you seek your identity in anything but awareness?  You are lost as long as you seek your identity in the ego, it’s a house of cards.

The JWC is an extreme example of religious mind control, but anytime we are exposed to institutions that act as a middleman between us and Oneness, it’s main agenda is to keep us from our recognizing our essential natures as Oneness.  Everyone has direct access and is Oneness.  The concept that we need to worship something outside of ourselves is ego in its most potent and destructive form.    Once we buy into this, we have given any instituition the power to overshadow our own simple recognition of the Oneness and are wide open to mass mind control.

Politics can be the same way.  Political differences divide families, nations and the world. 

3.  A Strong Emotion Tied to A Suggestion

This happens anytime we are presented with a strong emotional event tied to a suggestion.  Recall the events of 9-11.  Within less that thirty minutes of showing the smoking world trade towers, the media was showing Bin Laden’s photo right next to it.  Within minutes, without any trial or serious investigation of the facts, the world “knew” that he was responsible for the most sophisticated controlled demolition in recorded history.  And yet, there are now over 1,500 architects and engineers that have come forward at risk of peer group pressure to state that this scenario is impossible according to the laws of physics- proof beyond the shadow of a doubt.  And yet the corporate media is so good at using these methods that the average person, and even scientists, can be molded within minutes of  to believe whatever “truth” the corporate media desires.  (See www.AE911Truth.org )


Anytime you feel a strong overpowering emotional response, you are succeptable to mind control.  These strong emotions open up the doorway to the subconscious mind and programming can easily be installed with just a casual statement.  That’s all it takes.  From then on you function as though these installed statements are fact.

4.  Repetition

Repeating anything over and over again moves it from our conscious mind to our Subconscious mind.  Just like driving a car.  At first the movement were jerky and now you may find yourself driving on a freeway and spacing out for 15 minutes or more.  Noticing that you were not even paying attention.  This is because your Subconscious mind was doing the driving.  To effect change at the Subconscious level, hypnotherapists utilize repetition extensively in suggestion therapy.  Unfortunately the illuminati controlled media does not have your best interests in mind.  They use repitition not to free you up and develope your higher potentials as does the hypnotherapist.  The illuminati uses repetition to keep the population in fear and divided.  A highly controllable state from their perspective.

"The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly...it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.": Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister

The news media and it’s programming use this concept extensively.  Notice “Breaking News”  The same talking points on all the major news stations.  Over and over again, until the public sees them as self-evident truths.  The TV is one of the greatest authority figures.  The common thought is: “if you see it on TV it must be true.”   Repetition is easily accomplished on TV and all other media sources and utilized intentionally with surgical precision daily.


After you repeat a thought to yourself or see it enough times in advertising of any kind, at some point that thought turns into a belief and you operate as though it is fact, a given truth.  Advertisers know this.  That is why advertising is so effective.  If these thoughts can be presented in a subconscious way they even go in faster such as in subliminal programming which has never had a law passed making it illegal in the US. 

Anything repeated enough times will eventually be seen as the truth.  Someone who repeats lies to themselves will eventually see them as truth.  It’s just the way the brain is wired.  It’s like walking down a pathway.  The more you use it, the wider and more established it becomes.  Our neural network in our brain grows connections based on how we use it.  The more times we think a thought or act on a belief, that part of our brain just becomes stronger. 

In this way you can see how fear breeds more fear.  The more we view fear on the TV, or experience it in organizations, the more we want it because those aspects of our brain are becoming stronger.  This is why habits are so hard to break.  Habits are pathways in our brain that we have reinforced over time.  The more we use them, the stronger they become.  The more they attract like thoughts.

  1. 5.Altered States

Many people think of psychedelic states here but the most abused form of the way to induce an altered state is the TV.  After ju
st 30 seconds of watching TV, brainwaves slow down from the normal waking state of 13-16 cycles per second (cps) to around 12-8 cps.  This is the same state many hypnotherapists use.  With TV there is one more problem.  When this 12-8 cps state (Alpha) is achieved our bodies produce endorphins.  Endorphins are feel good chemicals that are associated with love, runner’s high, fun and excitement and other intense positive emotions that we experience as well as deep relaxation.  We easily get addicted to these naturally occurring endorphins.  So now with the TV, not only do viewers become highly suggestible to the content, but they also become addicted to it.

Fear  (A highly controllable, media-created, altered state):

Fear is one of the most commonly induced states through watching TV.  From the episodes to the nightly news- fear is the overt and subliminal message.  There is a very good reason why a fearful population is more easily controlled.

When a body is in fear, its blood flow is moved to the extremities for “fight or flight”.  This additional blood has to come from somewhere, and where it comes from is the higher cortical “logical thinking” functions.  It’s just the way this apparent body is wired.  When we are presented with a life and death situation, we have to fight or run.  This is the time for physical survival and not the time to think about philosophy, or debate the pros and cons of eating habits.  No, your body must be in it’s optimal state to either get out of there or fight off whatever is threatening it.

We have all experienced this when we are unexpectedly called on in a large group to stand up and say something.  That which we could have easily thought through just moments ago becomes lost in what has been termed “stupid space”.  All of a sudden we find ourselves unable to think clearly and logically.  This is because our blood flow has moved from our brains to our extremities as a natural byproduct of the “fight or flight” response.

Now look at what happens when you are exposed to a constant “terrorist” threat and other fear from the major news services.  We are living in a world where fear is constantly being fed to us.  Our blood flow supplies are continuously being taken away from our brains and moved into our extremities.  This creates an almost constant state of non-clear thinking.  A state of reaction rather than reflection.  In fear, the ego is easily manipulated.  What a great way to control a population!  Keep them in a state of constant fear. 

When we are in fear, we are n
aturally divided from each other.  It has been stated many times that the easiest way to conquer any group of people is to keep them divided.  Divide and Conquer!  Keep them arguing amongst each other over insignificant differences while the big changes are made behind the scenes and even more subtley, changes that they have demanded due to their conditioning , or staged events that they have not even been aware of. 

Another aspect of fear is that it effects physiological development.  Look at the vast majority of atheletes.  They are minorities that have come from the inner city.  The inner city where fear is the highest.  During pregnancy, the mother is constantly exposed to fear and so her blood flow to her extremities is passed on to her children.  That is one of the major reasons the bodies of these inner city children grow up to be larger and stronger than their suburban counterparts.



President Eisenhauer’s Grand Daughter, Laura Eisenhauer talks about the global mind control that is loosing its grip.

The Goal of Mind Control

The goal of mind control is to herd the public into thinking in narrower and narrower channels.  Through the use of the 5-techniques listed above, the public is having their thinking channelled into what is acceptable thoughts and what are not.  It’s just like a horse with blinders on.  The only issues brought up in the government/Wall Street controlled media, contain no real solutions, just talking points within a narrower and narrower range.  Through constant repetition in the media, Main Street is trained into believing these lies.  These lies are then subconsciously reinforced between individuals as they police each other through peer group pressure.  Very few can take ridicule by their friends and family.

How is this done?  Ron Paul, gets at this method in the following video.  The government and media label the truth as unpatriotic and even equate it with treason if it doesn’t support what the Government/Wall Street main stream media presents.  He states the result of this manipulation of thinking very clearly, When we equate the truth with treason, we can no longer be considered a free society”.

Jesse Ventura, in his latest book, “63 Documents the Government Does Not Want You to Read”, states that last year alone, the government classified over 16-million documents.  This massive hiding of information from the public is usually justified by the phrase “National Security”.  National Security is the reason given for the suppression of new technology that can free Main Street, as well.  How can any institution that is supposed to reflect the “will of the people” cover up this much information from its citizens and then expect the citizens to make informed decisions?  Decisions can only be made by taking into consideration the information at hand.  When this information is not complete, correct decisions cannot be made.  This is what is being uncovered by people like Ron Paul.  The American public is not being given the truth, therefore they are being led like sheep into accepting a world of less freedom through lies and deceit- not only for themselves but the world as a whole.

This video is a good compilation on how as a society we are mass controlled without even being aware of it.  Several very good resources are mentioned in this video.

Here’s a great video on a view of Libya you will not get in the mainstream news.  Ask yourself what your thought of Libya before and after this video and realize this is only a small glimpse of how you have been lied to.

Here’s a great audio from Adous Huxley on mass mind control and some background information on his book “1984”.  He talks about how mass mind control has been very successful in history through the manipulation of terrorism. He calls this scientific dictatorship  and speaks of the book, “Brave New World”, is probably closer to the future reality than his book 1984. 

Psycological and physical stress, offer very effective means of psychological conditioning.  Dr William Sargent, “Battle for the Mind” talks about maximizing stress and then removing the stress by offering a solution that is in the dictator’s best interest.

Conditioning in this way, drives in into the psycological depths of the human being and combines methods of terror with acceptance for the purpose of inducing a voluntary state which the controller uses to have the population love their servatude.

He talks about hypnosis and placebo’s and how there is statistical information of the degree of suggestability of populations has been well mapped out.  He relates that about 20% are easily suggestable, 60% are somewhat and 20% are quite unsuggestable.  He points out how important it is to organize and efficiently using this 20% to accomplish any political goal and who can exploit human weakness.  He talks about how effectively Hitler utilized this and other human weaknesses, like talking at night when people were tired and more easily pursuaded. 

He talks about the new pharmacology and how they can be so effectively utilized in mass mind control, and increases the ease with which people can be influenced more easily.  The new drugs are very effective at inducing a mental revolution while having little percievable impact on the physical body.  These substances in the hands of a dictator could be used to control the masses without their even being aware of it.  They make the terrifying aspects of our existance seem much more enjoyable than it actually is.  Where human beings come to love a state of servitude they are not even aware of.

Talking about how electrodes implanted in the brains of animals have produced dramatic impacts in their controlled behavior and what they would do when these electrodes stimulate their pleasure centers.  Of course in his time there was no Verichip as there is today.  But it’s very important to point out that the makers of this chip talk about how it can be used to track people for safety, yet they don’t mention that information and stimulation is a two-way process.  Information can come into these chips and influence the behavior of the entity who has these in their physical bodies.

This brings about a terrifying degree of control.  If you have the time to listen to this video, I think you will find it encredibly enlightening given the fact that it was given over 50-years ago.  One can only imagine how much “progress” has been made in this area over the last 50-years!  He closes by pointing out how important it is that all of us as human beings understand this technology so that it is used for our advancement and not used behind the scenes by a few to control humanity for our degridation.

A great compilation on well known people talking about corporate mind control and the important role that TV plays

Mind control is most easily accomplished on a mass scale when a society is dumbed down.  Watch this short compilation to get an overview.  Go to Ego Deconstruction for more information on this very important topic

This video shows how easy it is to program someone for violence when they don’t even know what they are doing or have any memory of even doing the act.