Non-Duality Pointers

Pointers is a concept that can offer confusion, at least for me it did.  Pointers are just words or groups of words that point to Oneness.  They seem to be able to resonate with awareness somehow and make it more vibrant in our conscious recognition.  Pointers can be of immense help in recognizing your essential nature as Oneness rather than duality and separateness.  Pointers are very helpful when used in conjunction with Freedom From Ego Identification Techniques.

One of the best compilation of pointers that I found was from a CD I purchased by Timothy Freke entitled “Lucid Living”.  I remember listening to this CD before I went to sleep and many times upon waking first thing in the morning.  I wrote down the pointers from this CD so you might get a little better idea of what pointers in “non-duality” are- just sentences and groups of words that point to an experience of Oneness. 

Pointers from “Lucid Living” by Timothy Freke:

Lucid Living:

The real me is the dreamer and this whole dream world exists within me

I am the dreamer who is imagining everything in this dream

I am conscious enough to realize that I am dreaming

I know that I am dreaming

I am the dreamer

I am everyone and everything

I am conscious that life is like a dream

Life is a mystery:

I am in this perpetual moment called “now”.

I stop to wonder

I shake off the normalness I call life

I am conscious of the mystery of existence right now

I wake up from the life dream

Now is All I know:

I realize I am dreaming in my life dream

I am conscious of this moment

I doubt all beliefs taken on from memory or from others

I examine and trust my own experience of living

I am conscious of this present moment

There is only “now”

I am not a person:

I am awareness which is dreaming the dream

I am awareness witnessing the life dream

I am an experiencer of experiences

I am awareness experiencing all that is happeining right now

I am awareness which is witnessing the life dream

I am awareness witness a flow of experiences, this is my perment essential identity

I am the unchanging witness of all that is

My apparent experience is not my essential identity

My essential awareness stays the same all the time

I am awareness within which the body comes and goes

I am awareness witnessing this ever-changing moment

The World Exists Within Me:

I am awareness and the dream world exists within me

Sensations exists within awareness (or I wouldn’t be aware of it)

I am a spacious emptiness within which contains everything I am experiencing exists.

All I see, hear and touch exists within awareness

All I experience exists within awareness

The ideas reverberating within my mind exists within awareness

My body exists within awareness

I am awareness and the world exists within me

Time exists within awareness

Awareness is out of time

I am timeless awareness dreaming myself to be a person in time

All is One:

I am one awareness dreaming myself to be many people in the life-dream

I am a permanet witnessing presence

As awareness, I am all one

I am one awareness dreaming myself to be different personas in the life dream

I am one awareness Experiencing the life dream from the different perspectibve of these different personas

I am both the hero within my particular story and the imagination which is conceiving the whole cosmic drama

I am a Paradox:

I am both the source of the dream and the character within it

I am a life dreamer pretender to be the character within it

I am conscious of both poles of my paradoxical nature

I am awareness and the world exists within me

I am a permanent presence witnessing the ever-changing flow of appearances

I am the life dreamer experiencing existence from a particular point of view

I am the life dreamer and everything is me

The creative energy of the whole Universe is propelling me forward in life

I am continually dreaming up more situations that helps me to become more conscious

Everything I experience is a manifestation of my essential nature

I whole heatedly engage in life

I am enjoying an exilerating state of enlivenment

I am conscious of this present moment

Being One is Loving All:

I am everyone and everything

I am the one life dreamer meeting myself in different forms

I am apparently separate, but essentially the same

Being one with all, I am in love with all

I enjoy the life- dream in all its many disguises

I am conscious of the reality of oneness

I realize that all conflict is just me against myself

I live lucidly in love with all

I am one with everyone and everything

I am one with all

I am the life dreamer

I am the infinite potential Playing as a person

I am the mystery of life made manifest

I am both separate and the same as everything else

For More information please see: TimothyFreke.com

Pointers from Nisargadatta- “I Am That”.

The following are notes I took while reading Nisargadatta’s excellent book on Advaita Vedanta entitled, “I Am That”.  The following excerpts for me included invaluable pointers.

3 Let go of your attachment to the unreal and the real  will swiftly and quickly step into its own.  Stop imagining yourself doing  or being this or that and the realization that you are the source and heart of all will dawn on you.

5 See how you function, watch the motives and results of your actions.  Study the prison you have built around yourself.  The way back to yourself is through refusal and rejection.  …. Once you are convinced that you cannot say truthfully anything about yourself other than “I am” … Once this obsession with the body goes, you will revert to your natural state, spontaneously and effortlessly.

12 By keeping your mind and heart on it.  Interest there must be and steady remembrance.  To remember what needs to be remembered is the secret of success.  You come to it through earnestness.

13  Tenacity of purpose and honesty in pursuit will bring you to your goal.

Turn within.  “I am” you know.  Be with it all the time you can spare, until you revert to it spontaneously.  There is no simpler and easier way.

18 Refuse all thoughts except one: the thought “I am”.  The mind will rebel at first, but with patience and perseverance it will yield and keep quiet.  Once you are quiet, things will begin to happen spontaneously and quite naturally, without any interference on your part.

23 The world you can perceive is a very small world indeed.  And it is entirely private.  Take it to be a dream and done with it.

25 When you desire the common good, the whole world desires with you.  Make humanity’s desire your own and work for it.  There you cannot fail.

29 To take the world as real and oneself as unreal is ignorance, the cause of sorrow.  To know the self as the only reality and all else as temporal and transient is freedom, peace and joy.  … The thought “I am” is the polishing cloth, use it.

37 When you believe yourself to be a person, you see person’s everywhere.  In reality, there are no persons, only threads of memories and habits.  At the moment of realization, the person ceases.  Identity remains, but identity is not a person, it is inherently in the reality itself.  The person has no being in itself; it is a reflection in the mind of the witness, the “I am” which again is a mode of being.

As long as you cling to the idea that only what has name and shape exists, the supreme will appear to you non-existing.  When you understand that names and shapes are hollow shells without any content whatsoever, and what is real is nameless and formless, pure energy of light and life of consciousness, you will be at peace- immersed in the deep silence of reality.

48 BY repeated attempts you will stumble on the right balance of attention and affection and your mind will become firmly established in the thought-feeling “I am”.  Whatever you think say or do, this sense of immutable and affectionate being remains as the ever-present background of the mind.

71 I ask you only to stop imagining that you were born, have parents, are a body, will die, and so on.  Just try, make a beginning- it’s not as hard as you think.

76 The idea, “I am the witness only” will purify the body and the mind and open the eye of wisdom.  Then man goes beyond illusion and his heart is free of all desires.

125 Begin by disassociating yourself from your mind.  Resolutely remind yourself that you are not the mind and that its problems are not yours.

147 Have your being outside this body of birth and death and all your problems will be solved.  They exist because you believe yourself born to die.  Undeceive yourself and be free.  You are not a person.

148 Simply look at whatever happens and know that you are beyond it.

Forget your past experiences and achievements and stand naked to the rains and winds of life and you will have a chance.

153 The body-mind is like a room.  It is there, but I need not live in it all the time.

The power that created the body takes care of it.

There are two levels to consider, the mental of ideas and the physical of facts.

156 The mind is both the actor and the stage.  … Don’t identify yourself with the world and you will not suffer. 

200 …you have projected onto ourselves a world of our own imagination, based on memories, desires and fears, and that you have imprisoned yourself in it.  Break the spell and be free.

*****212 You are not in the body, the body is in you.  The mind is in you.  They happen to you.  They are there because you find them interesting.  … Do not pretend that you love others as yourself.  Unless you have realized them as one with yourself, you cannot love them….. When you look at anything as separate from yourself, you cannot love it, you are afraid of it.  Alienation causes fear,  fear deepens alienation.  This vicious cycle can only be broken by Self-knowledge.

219 Things and people are different but they are not separate.

222 I am…. The very matrix of existence.

240 You are all pervading, all transcending reality.  Behave accordingly: think, feel and act in harmony with the whole and the actual experience of what I say will dawn upon you in no time. No effort is needed.  Have faith and act on it.

241 Realize it in all its totality, beyond all divisions and limitations, and all your desires will merge in it, for the greater contains the smaller.  Therefore find yourself, for in finding that you find all…. It is disinterestedness that liberates…. You need not cease thinking just stop being interested….Stop your habit of looking for results and the freedom of the Universe is yours. Be effortless.

When I say remember “I am” all the time, I mean come back to it repeatedly. 

249 Remember the instruction, whatever you come across- go beyond.

270 Suffering is due entirely to clinging or resisting; it is a sign of our unwillingness to move on, to flow with life.

274 There is the body and there is the Self.  Between them is the mind which is reflected as “I am”.  Because of the imperfections of the mind, its crudity and restlessness, lack of discernment and insight, it takes itself to be the body and not the Self.  All that is needed is to purify the mind so that it can realize its identity with the Self.

277 The acceptance of pain takes you much deeper than the acceptance of pleasure does.  The personal self by its very nature is constantly pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain.  The ending of this pattern is the ending of the self. 

304 By renouncing all lesser desires.  As long as you are pleased with the lesser, you cannot have the highest.  Whatever pleases you keeps you back.  Until you realize the unsatisfactoriness of everything, its transiency and limitation, and collect your energies in one great longing, even the first step is not made.  On the other hand, the integrity of the desire for the Supreme is by itself a call from the Supreme.  Nothing physical or mental, can give you freedom.  You are free once you understand that your bondage is of your own making and you cease forging the chains that bind you.

335 All thinking is in duality.

336 To become God, you must unlearn everything.  God is the end of all desire and knowledge…. All desires must be given up, because by desiring you take the shape of your desires.  When no desires remain, you revert to your natural state.

338 Freedom comes through renunciation. All possession is bondage.

343 The persons is merely a result of a misunderstanding.  In reality, there is no such thing.  Feelings, thoughts, and actions race before the watcher in endless succession, leaving traces in the brain and creating an illusion of continuity. A reflection of the watcher in the mind creates the sense of “I” and the person acquires an apparently independent existence.  In reality there is no person, only the watcher indentifying himself with the “I” and the “mine”.  …Stay with the changleless along with the changeful until you are able to go beyond.

A vague (memory) of the person remains, like the memory of a dream or early childhood.  After all, what is there to remember?  A flow of events, mostly accidental and meaningless.  A sequence of desires and fears and inane blunders.  Is there anything worth remembering?  The person is but a shell imprisoning you.  Break the shell.

344 Break the bonds of memory and self-identification and the shell will break by itself.  There is a center that imparts reality to whatever it perceives.  All that you need to do is to understand that you are the source of reality, that you give reality instead of getting it, that you need no support and no confirmation.  Things are as they are because you accept them as they are.  Stop accepting them and they will dissolve.  Whatever you think about with desire or fear appears before you as real.  Look at it without desire or fear and it does loose substance.  Pleasure and pain are momentary.  It is simpler and easier to disregard them than to act on them.

346 To know what you are, you must go beyond the mind.

Destroy the wall that separates the “I-am-the-body” idea, and the inner and the outer will become one.

349 When you refuse to play the game you are out of it.

Turn away from your desire and fear and the thoughts they create and you are at once in your natural state.

351 The “I am” in movement creates the world.  The “I am” at peace becomes the absolute. 

356 To be free in the world, you must be free of the world.  Otherwise your past decides for you and your future.  Between what had happened and what must happen you are caught.  Call it destiny or karma, but never- freedom.  First return to your true being and then act from the heart of love.

… break the mind from within by investigation and exposure of its contradictions and absurdities.

427 It does not mean the extinction of the person, only seeing it in the right perspective.

479 What I see in the world is nothing but myself.

481 You cannot see truth unless you are at peace.  A quite mind is essential for right perception, which again is required for self-realization.

483 Everybody loves their body, but few love their real being.

489 Once you have understood that nothing perceivable, or conceivable can be yourself, you are free of your imaginations.  To see everything as imagination, born of desire, is necessary for self-realization.  We miss the real by lack of attention, and create the unreal  by excess of imagination.

You have to give your heart and mind to these things and broad over them repeatedly.  It is like cooking food.  You must keep it on the fire for some time until it is ready.

Accept your destiny and fulfill it- this is the shortest way to freedom from destiny.

493 Once you know yourself, it is immaterial what you do, but to realize your independence, you must test it by letting go of all that your were dependent on.

499 Abandon all memories and expectations

504 To know that you need nothing to be happy except self-knowledge is wisdom.

505 When desire and fear ends, bondage also ends.  It is the emotional involvement, the pattern of likes and dislikes, which we call character and temperament, that create the bondage.

506 A day will come when you will long for the ending of the dream, with all your heart and mind, and will be willing to pay any price; the price will be dispassion and detachment, the loss of interest in the dream itself.

509 Discovery cannot come as long as you cling to the familiar.  It is only when you realize fully the immense sorrow of your life and revolt against it that a way out can be found.

See the urgent need of being free of this unnecessary self-identification with a bundle of memories and habits.  This steady resistance against the unnecessary is the secret of success.

520 Once you know yourself as pure being, the exstasy of freedom is yours.

Understand your own mind and its hold on you will snap. 

525 To know anything, I must accept it- totally.

530 People fight for what they imagine they love.

534 The limited is bound to be painful and pleasant in turns.  If you seek real happiness, unassailable and unchangeable, you must leave the world with its pains and pleasures behind you…. There must be understanding which comes with alert perceptivity, eager inquiry and deep investigation.  You must work relentlessly…..

Appendix 1

-the mind, which is all-becoming, must recognize and penetrate its own being, not as being this or that, here or there, then or now, but just timeless being. 

This timeless being is the source of both life and consciousness.  In terms of time, space and causation it is all-powerful, being the causeless cause; all-pervading, eternal, in the sense of being beginningless, endless and ever-present.  Uncaused it is free; all-pervading, it knows; undivided, it is happy.  It lives, it loves, and it has endless fun shaping and reshaping the universe.  Every man has it, every man is it, but not all know themselves as they are, and therefore identify themselves with the name and shape of their bodies and the contents of their consciousness.

… the mind acquired the art of symbolic thinking and communication, the art and skill of language.  Words became important.  Ideas and abstractions acquired the appearance of reality, the conceptual replaced the real, with the result that man now lives in a verbal world, crowded with words and dominated by words.

(Words) make us live in a world totally symbolic and, therefore unreal.  To break out from this prison of the verbal mind into reality, one must be able to shift one’s focus from the word to what it refers to, the thing itself.

Truth is the fruit of earnest action, words merely point the way.

Urban Guru Café Pointers

I absolutely love the programs on urbangurucafe.com.  They are so entertaining as they mix an interview with sound clips from movies, and songs.  The program is produced from Australia and available 24/7 on the internet.  At this time there are over 80 1/2 hour programs available for your listening pleasure.  Very enlightening yet entertaining.  The following are some notes on a few of the programs I felt really spoke to me.

Peter Brown #50, TheOpenDoorway.org

Nouns imply fixed objects, and verbs imply action.  But reality is more like a dream- there are only apparent objects and actions. 

Just bypass the whole thing.  As most of our experience is non-conceptual, non-verbal.  So most of our experience just needs to be noticed- this non-verbal part of our experience. 

The intelligence inherent in reality arranges the whole Universe, including our metabolism.  We keep spinning of hypothetical models.  It takes its hypothesis of subject/object as beliefs and thus protects itself against them.  There is no evidence for this s/o hypothesis.

Look for the non-you and find out what that is- personality, body, etc.  Look at the light presence, the wind in the trees, look outside of yourself and you will see what it is and then it will trickle down into what you are.  A  spontaneous energy appearing in this mysterious consciousness.

Go to where the problem isn’t and you may learn something and it will trickle down to your “self”.  Close your eyes and look at the pattern of light appearing on the back of your eyelids.  Just experience the life presence.  Notice the consciousness that is perceiving it.

Then notice that with your eyes open you are experiencing the same thing.  Notice the reflection of the sun on parked cars.  Just looking at light without knowing what it is.  Go into that naked presence and let it present itself to you. 

Just notice any experience as a presence.  It will reveal itself if we are with it openly and non-analytically. 

We can look at our thoughts this way.  Thought is the presence of a mysterious energy in our consciousness.  Go to our thinking on a structural and substantial basis.  Go to the energy that is actually present.  There is a conceptual overlay which is the meaning of thought. 

Just notice these present energies as consciousness. 

Paul Hedderman #48, ZenBitchSlap.com

Selfing- the self is the center of the universe, self-centerdness a modality by body identification, a self-importance that it’s always happening to me.  This creates the illusion of the self, a trance that people are in.

Our attention is drawn into thoughts because we think the thoughts are about us.

Forget the “my” in front of nouns. This will help us to travel lighter by getting an immunity to thoughts, because they were no longer seen as my thoughts.

The bondage occurs when the “my” is drawn into the thought stream.  This cuts the authorship, and so thoughts are then held much differently.

How do we drop the authorship?  We don’t we just have a realization that there is no author.  As soon as you attempt to get out of something, you are admitting that you are in it.  The best way out is to realize that you were never in.

Once there is a claiming of ownership occurs there is still a bondage to self.  If it’s all based on you, this is self-centeredness.

An unspoken “yes”.  

St Francis: “What’s looking, is what you are looking for”.

This change of focus changes the possibilities.

Freedom between the thoughts:  By adding the “my” we react to what’s not happening. 

Self manifested in many ways is what has defeated us. 

There is no self can be presented through the 12-step recovery process.

How to do an inventory.  The resentments are expressions of self in my life.  Without getting rid of the attachment to self, you can only get relief, but not recovery.

“I am not that”, which intimates that which you are.  Whatever that which is appearing, I am not that.  For me this made the seeker come to a crashing halt.

Paul Hedderman #49: ZenBitchSlap.com

Entertaining the possibility…., a possibility is like space.  This is kind of what the mind is an entertainment of possibilities.   State of freedom, an antidote to the mind entertaining the same possibilities, improving the quality of mind

It’s not about attainment or achievement, because then there is an attainer and an achiever.  This would connote time.  It would be seemingly caused, you would have somehow caused it and would somehow uncause it- playing God.

Mind recognizes thoughts as objects like the eyes sees things.  Most of our attention gets funneled into the mind, because we get sucked into because we think we are the author.

Our addiction is of the thoughts of the mind over the 5 senses.  IF we realize that the thoughts are not about us we loose interest.  When attention is freed, it will then be drawn to rest in itself or its source. 

The identified mind is reacting to what is not and not what is presently happening.  We have never reacted to one damn thing.  But what we are identified as is a reactor.

Drop the seeking?  The minds ability to entertain has been straight-jacketed into the narrow spectrum of subject/object.  Most people can only recognize the message as a conceptual one.  To have their attention drawn back to presence. 

Overly identified as the mind and thoughts keeps us in the dream state.  Mainly it’s the feeling of being special.

The format we live in is a subject/object format. 

Timothy Freke, program #1: TimothyFreke.com

Living with awareness is like lucid dreaming. 

Everything we do is based on who we think we are and what we think is going on.

You don’t have to get rid of anything, you just have to see it as it is.

We are conscious through our concepts.  Thus through this the mind is allowing us to experience.  But we then mistake the concepts for the real thing- the mystery.  We need to doubt everything, find the concepts that can open up the deepest mystery of life.  Put your attention on the mystery of being and then you begin to know what is instead of describing it.

The idea of a person is a bag of fragments that contradict and we are trying to make them into something coherent, but we are that which is aware of the idea of who we are.  That something that exists before concepts.  You need to keep stepping back into something that just is.  It’s the difference of being conscious of something and being conscious that you are consciousness- your being.

Lucid living is both at once, oneness with separateness.  Our essential nature is the state we enter into during deep sleep.  As soon as you become conscious, separateness arises- through the separateness we can become aware of conscious oneness.

Timothy Freke, Program #2: TimothyFreke.com

Nisargadatta- “you are not a person”.  Freke’s book, “Lucid Living”  Check out everything in your state right now.  New book, “How Long is Now”. 

The thing we are is not in our experience, the shapes and forms and thoughts- so its completely mysterious.  It looks like awareness is inside, yet it’s not.  In itself, it’s not an experience, it’s just that knowledge that “I am”.  With this awareness the experience of the personal changes. 

As I become aware of being, it wakes me up to the experience of the personal.  This gives rise to the experience of “big love”.  You see through the separateness with everything. 

Polarities are ever present, but once there’s this fundamental love of being, you can really enjoy the joy and there’s this love that holds the suffering.

Timothy Freke Program #3: TimothyFreke.com

Lucid Living:

1.  Life is just a mystery, fundamentally we have no idea what is going on.  We just have a whole heap of ideas picked up along the way.  Once you notice you don’t know what the hell is going on, your state of consciousness starts to change.

As long as you look hard enough, you will see that nothing is as it seems to be.  This is when a new state of consciousness will start opening up.

When you are face to face with mystery, a whole new state of consciousness will start to open up.  Nobody knows what is going on, only they act as if they do.  If you haven’t been there you won’t understand the words anyway and if you’ve been there, you don’t need the words.

Words are how we become conscious and can meet. 

2.  Now is all I know.  This takes us deeper into the mystery.  I’m experiencing this- this moment now.  I only really have this moment- which is the only place I can look at to discover what I am. 

I am experiencing something.  I know that I’m the experiencer of experiences.  I am consciousness experiencing this flow of consciousness.

3. I am that which is experiencing this.  Nisargadatta: You are not a person.  It opens up the recognition of the polarity in you. 

What does this mean, “I am not the body”.  Ultimately, knowing what you are is beyond meaning and the intellect.  It is something so completely obvious we don’t see it.  We are this vast field of awareness in which everything arises.  A presence in which everything is arising.  You are the place where the opposites are not separate.

A polarity is something in which two opposites exist at the same time.  We are both separate and not separate.  The fundamental nature of reality is polarity- paradox.  All thinking is based on either/or.  If you get this then, the experience of lucid living opens up much easier.  All these opposites exist together.

38. Randal Friend, Part #1:  RandallFriend.blogspot.com

Enlightenment is just recognizing that wholeness is already here.  Book “You are No Thing”.  “Seeing is happening”, from Gilbert. 

The myth of “specialness”  The earnest is the vehicle that drives the search.  At some point the earnest becomes a runaway train. 

We begin our search with worldly knowledge.  I am seeking.  I am suffering.  This is dependent on separation.  The search is defined by the separateness, of which I am only one small piece of and finally realizing that you are that wholeness already. 

Enlightenment is not an attainment, but something you are simply overlooking.  We feel that our true nature is not good enough. 

Recognizing that Enlightenment is here right now.  It’s simply not wholeness in translation.  It’s not wholeness in mind.

We have this assumption that we are separate.  Recognize that this is a platform of assumptions- just question this- worldly knowledge- the sun rising and setting for instance. 

WE begin to believe our interpretations are reality.  The new car doesn’t bring happiness but the disillusion of desire.

The word is not the thing- the built-in defect of duality.  The word fire cannot burn you.  Only the experience which can only be there because of yourself.  Your certainty of your existence is due to subjectivity that has always been there.  You are already self-evident.  This is the only primary principal- this activity of knowing that is going on right now.  We already experience this effortlessly. 

The impersonal Self is present in any experience- already. 

Time is another translation.  A story in mind of past and future.  The story of time is simply a mental translation.  A patchwork of continuity.  WE never really move out of this moment.  Because we’re stringing the past along and looking forward to the future, so we are missing this immediacy.  We never move from this.  Time is a measurement of the change, yet change is only recognized in the immediacy of the present moment.  So there is no movement, there is only this.

When we recognize that this is all there is, there is no movement in time.  It is all due to changes that happen now, we don’t go anywhere in time- this is it.

WE take experience to be self-existing, on you- you are the source of experience.  The experience is translated in mind as something separate- creating the whole subject/object equation.  There is only the experiencing going on in this present moment. 

The false translation is that there is a me, the mind, vadanta is simply another translation that is correcting the false translation which is eventually discarded as well then advaita- a negation of duality.  There is simply no way to be separate from this wholeness. 

#40 Randal Fried Part 2:  RandallFriend.blogspot.com

This right here and now is the wholeness we’ve been seeking.  It’s when the complexities fall away and dissolve, then we are left with wholeness.  Just cease translation of this right here and right now. 

What is, is ignored for the conceptual preferences.  Reality is taken to be separate, from the reality, right here and now, there is no evidence of separation.  There are no boundaries that we can find- present evidence, just what is right here and now. 

Mind is not something, mind is a concept.  We think of it as something separate that is existing, but there is no such thing as mind, only thought- a translating tool.  But we don’t actually know what the hell anything is.  We have no absolute knowledge about what the hell anything is.  We don’t know that it’s separate- that’s a translation.


All of these are translations.  Advaita- not to, non-duality, the present moment, ever present, not something we need to find, just cease translation of this right here and right now, so the mind cannot do this because the mind feels the now is not good enough, so the now is always overlooked in preference for something else- something better in the future.

Advaita is right here and right now and nothing else.  As long as there is the assumption that there is separation, we are looking for peace in the impermanent, and it will always lead to frustration

The impermanent is just the nature of the appearance.  When we recognize that advaita is here and now always and already.  The mind divides,

It is obvious that we are witnessing to the play- a break in the identification with the body/mind. When we become aware that we are not the body/mind because it appears to us.  Anything that I can describe, must be an appearance- but what I am is that invisible subjectivity that entertains these things.  It is self-evidence.  What I am is simply witnessing everything.   What I am not is everything that appears. 

The cliff comes from meeting in the second life- as we are continually negating and discarding concepts, translations, the identification of the body/mind, and keep stepping back to the witness, and then stepping back from even this since we are still talking about a subject and object- we are still in duality, and awareness, aware of the world, still translating, then we fall off the cliff, but then we see that there is no cliff- we fall but there is no where or no one to fall since this is only a translation.

Your self-evidence needs no translation, no thought, no nothing to know your own Self.  Which has been there for every experience, which is just your own self, then the mind has to come in and make a translation before we can have any worldly knowledge, but we can never verify that this is true.

The baby has not yet been taught to interpret reality as separate.

Randal Fried, #35: RandallFriend.blogspot.com

All words are pointing to the same simplicity, which is wordless, which cannot be contained by a word, evaluated by filter, beliefs, assumptions, concepts and everything that we know, thinking is always analyzed through this filter, and then we evaluate everything.  We are standing on a bunch of assumptions and trying to evaluate awareness.

We are trying to fit identity into something that is generated in the brain.  WE assume that awareness came from the brain.  WE have to question this platform of concepts one on top of another.  We have to take them off, one at a time.  WE are pointing to something that has been conceptualized as awareness, space, consciousness, knowing, seeing, experiencing- these words are just pointing to it.  Look in direct experience evaluate what’s going on.

It’s not about some future state that will arise for me to be a better person- is totally missing the point.  This is just more of the same mental grasping.  Advaita points to simply non-conceptual reality.  It must be here now.  So let’s see what this means. 

Uncovering- is still missing it, a future achievement.  It must be obvious.  Reality must be obvious. 

The outside world is an appearance seemingly separate from an inside world.  The outside world is coming to us from our senses.  Predominantly seeing, but appearances are appearing in awareness.  The appearance is irrelevant.  Appearance to awareness.  This is the most basic equation. 

The outside world in perception appearing to awareness, the inside world is sensation appearing to awareness.  Appearance and sensation.  Isn’t all of it sensation appearing to awareness?  But where am I in all of this.  Reality cannot be hidden, it must be obvious, but a conceptual veil can make it look separate.  Sensation appears to awareness.  And what I am is an identification with the body/mind- but the b/m appears in awareness and sensation. 

The b/m these sensations are appearing in awareness, body and thoughts are objects- appearing to awareness******  We have identified this as “me”  Awareness is not appearing as an object but pure subjectivity.  An opening.  We’ve always known this subjectivity- this is what we have always meant as “I”.

#31 Tony Parsons: TheOpenSecret.com

When there is no one, that is liberation.  As long as there is a “you” seeking, you get in the way of it.  A complete collapse of the “me”. 

The seeing of ourselves as separate makes life difficult, because it brings us a sense of separation from everything, so the individual is never at home.  When the individual collapses, there’s home. 

What is sought is absolute love, but when duality collapses, there is only love.  Which also includes discomfort, and pain.  When the seeker is looking for it, it can’t be realized. 

Liberation is just sitting on a chair, there is no “me”.

The mind lives in meaning, story and purpose.  This can’t be understood. 

There is something beyond seeking.  The seeker is looking for something that it will never find.

Liberation has nothing to do with seeking or any pattern. 

#28 John Greven: JohnGreven.Blogspot.com

Keep asking “who am I” the brain will try to figure it out.  Eventually it will give up and the vested interest goes away. 

Anything that has a beginning, has an end.

Deconstruct this “me” and understand that everything is just appearance. 

Presence/Awareness is just the best pointer, beyond words beyond getting what you just are.

Thoughts are just referring to things that are not really here

#27 An interview with Gilbert: RandallFriend.blogspot.com

Engagement in the mind and emotions obscure clarity.  Don’t hold opinions.  Don’t hang on to them.  There’s no one there that has that opinion.  Whatever you are hanging onto has no substance.  Everything is equal as an appearance, so we have these preferences which is what we build our beliefs and preferences upon. 

Opinions form into attitudes which leads to conflict.  Opinions are just biased ideas about something, and the ground of what they truly are is emptiness.  The seeing is naked, it doesn’t have a form.  The mind appears in the seeing.  The mind tells us that the “I” is the center of everything.  But if you have a look, you find that there is nothing there that has these beliefs. 

Thought comes in and says that there’s something missing.  There are no enlightened beings.  Drop the idea that you are a “somebody”.  This happens quite naturally.

The concept of hierarchy is burned into our psyche, but what’s wrong with right now?  Present reality is present in each moment of time.  Presence cannot be recognized by ideas and concepts.  The core of the belief system is a “me”  If you can see that there is no “me” here, then all the other beliefs fall away.****

How can you grasp something that is not a concept with a concept.  WE need to see that what I am doing is ridiculous.  There is then a relaxation that comes.  When the thinking stops, we are still here, this is a direct insight into our true nature.

The mind wants to be the character on center stage.  Most people want to belong, be loved and accepted outside of themselves.  Primarily one needs to love oneself.  Love is then a giving, not a taking. 

If you truly love oneself, you don’t need love from anyone else.

True love just is, it doesn’t come or go. 

Concepts we have about ourself, about the “me”.  Without the belief in loving somebody.

It’s about waking up to the fact that you are not an entity.  This demolishes any beliefs we may have.

Part 2: RandallFriend.blogspot.com

Explore what am I.  The absence of the seeker is what brings peace.  Clear and empty presence.  What is being described, what you are is indescribable.  You could say what you are is this knowing.  It’s a never ending story of description. 

When you explore this “what is I” and you won’t find anything.  There is no substance or independence to it.  This demolishes all our fundamental beliefs, which leaves us present and aware. 

Experiencing is ceaseless, it never stops.  An experience is something that has been labeled from the past and so is no  longer the immediacy.  It’s dead, it doesn’t belong to the now.  If you can keep experiencing the immediacy then you can drop the story and everything is fresh and alive.  Experience is a description, but not the immediacy.  What we are actually talking about is the past.

Another aspect of the experience is that there is an experiencer.  Experiencing doesn’t have a “me”.  It’s uninterrupted.  The mind wavers between opposites.  It’s not the stability of reality.  And there is not the sense of invulnerability. 

You are this invisible stability.  You are seeing nothing but the mirror.  WE cannot separate anything from the seeing.  Everything is equal.  We are so fixated on the “me” that we have no idea with what reality is.

We have this idea that we are on a journey.  The closer you get to truth, mind begins to dissolve, time dissolves.  You start to come closer to what is real.  The idea of a journey is seen to be a false belief.  You have never gone anywhere, you have never acquired anything, you are just here in the now.

Belief is useless.  You are that shining intelligence looking straight through the mask.  Let it be just what it is, an appearance.

#26, Is This a Dream or Reality:

To set up what you like against what you dislike is the disease of the mind.  Be serene in the oneness of things and erroneous views will take care of themselves.  As long as you remain in one extreme or another, you will never know oneness.

If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinions for or against nothing.  Concepts have no substance or independent nature, it’s all happening in awareness.  There is no entity with an independent nature, yet we still function in this world.  The livingness is happening.  That vivid everyday awareness is the basis. 

To pursue appearances is to miss the source.  Cease to cherish opinions. 

Jason Swanson: TheEternalState.org

The only thing I can say for sure, the only thing the mind can say is “I don’t know”.

Even wakefulness, consciousness is just an experience, an appearance

A spontaneous unfolding happening in the immediacy of now- just like a jazz improv musician

There is no doer, just a miraculous unfolding.  The mind is not your best friend.  There is no thinker, just thoughts appearing in awareness.

Prior to concepts, we know that “we are”.

What I am seeking is what I am.

If you are already the infinite, then why would you practice to get that?  WE  just need to address this idea that there is an individual person, a me, which can’t be found, so anything the person does to seek is just a gigantic waste of time. 

Suffering happens until the cause is investigated.  There can only be something wrong in thought, which can only happen in reference to a me aspect, which only exists in thought

This knowing presence always is and there’s never a time when it is not, we negate, we inquire, who would be the one to even ask these questions?  Aren’t questions just more appearances, but the underlying fact is knowing or being, and that being always is, the mind may rush in but the fact is that knowing is always illuminating all the appearances.

What question or answer is going to be the one that finally does it for you, and wouldn’t that be just another appearance? 

The Eternal State with Gilbert Schultz: RandallFriend.blogspot.com

“What’s wrong with right now until you think about it”.  A book by Sailor Bob that Gilbert had an active hand in getting published

The natural state was there as a child until we begin to name things.  As we become familiar with language we slip into the belief that the description of the world is reality.  Becoming is a concept. 

Our true nature is wordless.  The understanding is silent.  In that moment of pure recognition, there are no words, it’s indescribable, it’s space-like awareness.  This space is nothing, it’s just perceived as volumn.  What we’re trying to grasp is like space.  Everything we can remember is just appearances in space, but that space remains the same.

There’s no individual that was ever bound, you are and have always been free.

When you face fear, it’s the death of fear.  When you look at the core of fear, it will dissolve.

The story of me is only made up of the past.  The uselessness of the identity.  There is no word for what we are.  One essence, expressing and appearing as everything.  Every expression that is happening at this moment is perfect, it can’t be any different.  When you recognize this, then there is no need to try and change anything.

If you try and engage to alter what it, that is what will bring you suffering. 

Nisargadatta:  All that can ever trouble you is your own imagination.  When you have seen the dream as just a dream, you have done all you can do.

The only value that a pointer has is in that moment of recognition, which is always unexpected and undescribable. 

The habit is to ignore our true nature.  The habits fall away and the beingness tends to expand.  The essence is that it’s not about the words, it’s about naked beingness.  Whatever it takes to bring this about is valid.  It can take any form whatsoever and it’s all valid. 

The ultimate fact is that the openness is already there.  This concept of “me” is the concept of separation and when it dissolves that natural openness that was already there is obvious.  The non-conceptual awareness is the vehicle that everything appears.

Randall Fried: RandallFriend.blogspot.com

Thought is just placing limits and change on experience.  This is why suffering is constantly surrounding it.  So we must look at what is going on right now, because this is it.  Reality must be this right here- not a thought process of trying to figure it out.  It’s constantly missed because we don’t like now, we want it to be different.  So we gloss over it, because we want it to be different.  It’s extremely obvious and not difficult.  What is aware of the thought, What I am is aware of thought.  WE think I am the thinking, but we recognize that what we are is aware of that process.  The thinking comes and goes but the presence never changes.  The thoughts just come and go. 

What am I?  What is I?  The I is tied in with the objective content of the mind.  The I is in reality a formless presence that is already there, a subjectivity that contains all objectivity without separating itself from the world.  The I is the world in its many experiences. 

WE are looking for ourselves without recognizing that we are already looking from I

The I just is, formless and never changing because it doesn’t have any characteristics, because it is you- you don’t see it our you would have to have 2 selves.  The intellect wants to make this into something. 

Why are you so certain that you exist? Because you are always there- aware and present.  This is the very condition necessary for any experience.  Simple being or knowing- which is the same thing. 

Being is always enough- it is always perfect and doesn’t need to change.  The veil is the template which reality is translated.  It’s a filter, a platform that needs to be seen as false- “me” seeing a “world”.  There is only being aware of itself.  So whatever it is, is fine, just perfect.  It’s always this, it’s always “now”  The closest we can get to it in words is “I am”  The mind thinks I am must be a thing, in this assumption, the veil is created- the world.  I am ness becomes I am in thought.  If  I point out a chair, then the entire world comes into existence to be its opposite.  This is just a false translation.  A filter of me seeing world. 

As a human we take our persepective to be the absolute reality.  WE have to admit that our perspective is only one among an infinite perspecitive among many. 

The brain is creating a picture which is the same world as in a dream.  WE can’t take the picture for certain.  There is nothing we absolutely know.  All perspectives are false. 

To experience consciousness coming and going presupposes that we are beyond it. 

How do we know that we exist?  Because we are always present, always here and always aware.  Being is knowing.

An activity of knowing is what I am.  It’s always going on and yet it’s not appearing, you can’t find it because you are it.

The crack in the foundation of duality is that the word is not the thing.  We have no idea what anything is.  We cannot absolutely say that there is an outside world.  It’s absolute and complete mystery.  The acceptance of not knowing is the piece we are looking for. 

Consciousness itself gives life appearance.  Waking up is consciousness reappearing.  There is no guarantee that it consciousness will reappear. 

You cannot be separate from life.  Life is looking at itself. That filter of “me” seeing world, we miss Life looking at itself.  The translation itself is the only issue. 

There does seem to be time and an individual.  A path reinforces a seeker, because a seeker has to do it.  Even realization is false.  How can life be any other way than perfect unless you are telling a story.  The instant that a thought comes up it is already false.  It’s like a mirage, if you see the reflection and you go grab your bucket.

The mind creates reality through belief.  Every bit of knowledge is subject to revision.  There can never be absolute knowledge of anything. 

WE want enlightenment to save us from our crappy life. 

I am always present and aware therefore I exist. 

John Grevens, The Eternal State.org

Repetition is the mother of deconstruction of the “me”

Deconstruction is a brain thing. 

During the day, just ask who is making decisions. 

Randall Fried,

WE must look at what is right now, because this is it.  It can’t be anything else.  This is all that’s ever pointed to.  The desire for now to be different, is why we always gloss over it.  It’s a veil because “me” seeing world is so strongly translated. 

Seeking reinforces that idea of a seeker.  What I am is AWARE OF thought.  The presence is always there rock solid, and thoughts come and go.  A separate me seeing a separate world is just meaningless. 

The common inquiry “what is I”?  It’s usually tied in with objective content.  But in reality it’s a formless presence that is always there. 

We are always looking for ourselves, but we need to recognize that we are always looking from ourselves. 

The I is just always there.  You don’t see it or there would have to be two selves.  The intellect wants to make this into something- which is the root of the veil.  It’s just simple being or knowing which is the same thing. 

Aware/presence, whatever the experience is you are always there.  The veil is the template through which reality is translated- which is where we go about the seeking business, when we don’t see that the very platform of me seeing a world is false.  There is only being aware of itself.

The closest we can get to it in words is “I am”.  To the mind this means I am a thing.  The most convenient thing is I am a body/mind.  This is where the whole world springs up there is me- the body/mind versus the world.

A perspective is only a slice. 

We are in a poverty of knowledge.  There is nothing what we really know.  There is really not an outside world, it’s just consciousness.  So all perspectives are false. 

The idea of “me” is just not there, it’s just an idea.  Everything we see is just made out of consciousness, and it comes and it goes.  In order for us to know that it comes and goes we must be prior to it.  Something is there upon which consciousness came. 

We can’t be outside of totality, Oneness, this moment.  I  is that awareness.  The body and thoughts appear in that I am ness.  The I is always there. 

Subjectivity is primary in the presence, everything else is objectified in it.  There is only one in the world and that is you. 

Why are you so certain of your own existence?  Because you are always present and you are always here and you are always presence.   You know you are and that’s it.  Whatever is going on is an activity of being.  You can’t find it because you are it.

Mythia: The illusion of objects which never really existed.  The crack in the foundation of duality is that the word is not the thing.  It’s existence expressing itself.  We don’t know what the hell anything is. 

WE have no clue what anything is.  There is no outside world.  There is no evidence of that.  It’s just a filter.  It’s absolute and a complete mystery.

In the acceptance of the not-knowing is where we find the peace- because we don’t need to make it or force it into anything. 

There is no such thing as death, it’s just life.  Life is all there is. 

Consciousness itself is an appearance.  Waking up is consciousness reappearing- there is no guarantee that this will reappear every morning. 

In death, consciousness just passes away just like every night.  There is absolutely no guarantee that anyone or anything will ever reappear.  So this is why it’s just a total immersion in whatever you are doing. 

This is why you are truly living in the moment.  There is no tomorrow.  It’s just full immersion in this. 

This is it, and seeking it is assuming that this is not it.  You cannot be separate from life.  It’s just life.  Life is looking at itself.  We miss this with the filter, “me” looking at life.

The mind, the translation itself is the only issue.  The mind creates reality through belief. 

I have already provided this video in the ebook text, but it’s so good at talking about pointers, I’m providing it again here.  Eckhart talks about how words are just pointing to experience.  He says so eloquently “the analysis of pointers is pointless”.  Pointers are like road signs.  Don’t get caught up in the sign itself, but let them point to the experience.

Eckhart Tolle on Pointers