The following are links and resources on non-duality.  They give perspectives on what it’s like to live life from the state of Oneness 24/7.  Many people think that this is only possible for a selected few, but as you look through these links you will find that many people are living this now.  We are conditioned to believe only a few special people can achieve this.  This limiting belief is just another program of ego.

Oneness as your essential nature, is available for anyone who seriously inquires within themselves as to their relationship to thoughts and who, or better what the “I” is that is experiencing life.  How could everyone of us not have available that which we already are? 

As you look through the following resources and inquire within your own experience, Oneness will begin to resonate with the pointers that are given.  Thoughts, beliefs, opinions and all of the objective world will begin to loose its grasp on your identity.  Constriction and fear will give way to expansion and peace.  You will see that everyone’s story of awakening is different.  At some point, you cannot take anyone’s word, or adopt their techniques, processes or handed down beliefs- no matter how holy, talented or special you think they may be.  It’s completely a personal experience.   At some point, you are drawn to look deeply into your own “Iness”.  Pointers can help, and with so many now having awakened and sharing their insights, pointers are available galore. 

When you get these pointers from so many different directions, it seems to me, there is a greater chance of finding some that you resonate with.  It seems to me that the day of the big box guru’s are over, and in-mass, people are following their own intuitions through personal inquiry.  The following resources may help you on your recognition of your essential nature.  Enjoy and have fun with this!


This is an amazing link for a radio series broadcasted over the internet from Australia.  At this writing in contains over 85 interviews saved and accessible 24/7.  Each interview is about 30-minutes each- interspaced with music and excerpts from movies that all look at non-duality in a very entertaining yet personal way.  I think you will really enjoy this link.

This link gives links to websites for each individual that is interviewed.  As you follow these links a whole world of Advaita or non-duality opens up to you and how possible it is for you to recognize that which you already are.


This is an internet TV show that has many interviews saved through various topical headings.  Hit the link that is entitled “non-duality”.  Each interview is about 1-hour long.  The show is produced in London, England.  It really helps to see individuals as they are talking.  Each program starts with the story each individual had of awakening.  You begin to see how awakening is so natural.  In fact it’s been termed the natural state.

This link also gives links to websites for each individual that is interviewed.

This website was founded by Candice O’Denver.  Hundred of hours of videos interviewing Candice and other facilitators of this practice of noticing short moments of awareness in your life.  In their terminology it’s called resting in awareness. 

This can be a very helpful website, just be aware that no process is necessary.  In fact any process over time implies and reinforces duality in that there is a someone trying to get somewhere over time.  Just recognize that you are awareness or Oneness right now.  No time or process is necessary.

A great website by Paul Hedderman.  Paul is interviewed on and uses non-duality in his approach with ex-alchololics.  His approach looks at as he terms it our addiction to “selfing”, which he notes is our greatest addiction.  I think you’ll really enjoy his authentic approach.

A series of great interviews by Richard Miller.  Click on the link at the top of the page to “archives” and explore over one hundred interviews in the area of non-duality.

Books:  A great resource for books that have been written by those awakened to non-duality.   Clearly written examples of the illusory nature of thoughts.

Music:                                Steven Walers

Other Advaita Links:                                                        Scott Kiloby                                        Tony Parsons                                           Timothy Freke                                 Annette Nibley

Non-Conceptual, Self-knowing Awareness     (Sailor) Bob Adamson                                                Nathan Gill                                              Greg Goode                                                John Wheeler

You Are Dreaming                                           Randall Friend                                 Jeff Foster             Pamela Wilson

Nothing Exists Despite Appearances              Suzanne Foxton

The Open Door Way                                        Peter Brown

Mooji                                                                Moogi

Richard Sann                                                  303-554-0161

Changing Strong Subconscious Beliefs:                            Elizabeth Powers


Our history and capabilities as humans has been intentionally modified and controlled to keep us weak, sick and removed from the incredible beings that we are.  This has been intentionally done so that a small group of individuals can have power and control on a global scale for their own means.  This group is beyond the control of any government including that of the US, in fact, they are so powerful that they control the vast majority of governments.  Too bad, because the freedom that is available to all, including to this small rogue group, would be far greater when we all work together in Oneness, than the small taste they have for themselves by trying to hoard it all in separation.  But such is the case when technology is not tempered with increased consciousness. 

Fortunately, there are larger forces in the Universe than any man-made hijacking of a planet.  Cosmic forces are impinging on Earth and through out our Universe that are quickly rendering this small yet powerful group, that has temporarily hijacked Earth, powerless.  Their dark grip is loosing its power day by day and we are now at a junction where you can see if you know where to look a new life emerging planet-wide.  Reconnecting with our galactic family is all about increased awareness and the assention of Earth.   

Other than your own intuition and inner knowing, the internet provides the most up-to-date progress in this cosmic breaking news.  Dont’ get bogged down in anything negative.  Look to your dreams to create a really magnificent future.  This will keep your vibrations high.  These are just a spattering of what is available.  I offer them in service of creating a heaven on Earth that we all know in our deepest selves has always existed and is who we are.  Memories of our greatness and galactic heritage are bleeding through the veil of amnesia more and more everyday.  A wonderful site by Steven Greer MD.  He made this presentation to the National Press Club on Science Friday in May of 2001.  He had 20 top scientists, ex-military and government officials give testimony to the fact that we have had contact with off-world civilizations and we have technology today that can solve every major problem facing earth.  Yet this technology is actively being suppressed.  Steven now has over 400 video testimonies.  You can view much of this presentation for free on youtube.  Just put disclosure project in the search bar.

Steven goes around the country 4-5 times a year giving live presentations and holding trainings to teach how to contact these off-world civilizations yourself.  Steven Greer’s organization to bring this technology to the world.  A clearing house website of channeled and other messages from these off-world crafts and enlightened beings as to what progress is being made and what is happening from a larger spiritual perspective.  A website from Sheldon Nidle with a weekly update from the Galactic Federation every Tuesday evening.  Sheldon, like Steven Greer has been beamed up to these crafts on numerous occasions and has direct insight into what is currently transpiring.  Sheldon also gives webinars and actively looks for sponsors to come and speak in your community.  He does not channel.  Members of the Galactic Federation are physically there in his presence when he speaks.  You may not see them, but the message is definitely not Sheldon’s.


Chimp is Raising Baby Tigers


Inspirational Films

The Silent Flute

V for Vendetta

The Matrix Trilogy


The Thirteenth Floor

The Star Trek Movies and early TV series




Close Encounters

The Peaceful Warrior

Films Exposing Mass Brainwashing

Loose Change

Freedom to Fascism

Control Factor