World-Wide Prosperity


As I mentioned in my ebook, I was abducted when I was 3-years old and have remembered experiences of living on other planets through hypnotherapy regression.  I, like many others have memories of these off-world and parallel lives that are coming back to us and penetrating through the amnesiac viels that we came into this life with.

With each day I remember more about living in civilizations that are beyond any need for money or jobs.  Just like in Star Trek, I remember living on other planets where individuals are free to explore their highest potentials and work for the betterment of all.  There is no illuminati constantly stirring the pot taking from and controlling the masses for their benefit.  Individual awareness is much too refined to let this happen.  We all immediately are aware of knowledge as it is uncovered by the collective whole. Everyone on the planet and in the galactic  society is there to focus on understanding the greater picture of Universal Life. There is no need for a hierarcical government.  Every being has a built in GPS that knows right from wrong, and in harmony with the greater whole.  It just gets covered up when we experience ourselves as separate.

I have written about how a society today can embrace new technologies that are quickly coming in line here on earth at this time through my ecovillage website at  The link at the top of the page to access is “The Prosumer Economy”.  In that webpage you will see how 3-D printing is coming on line so as to soon mimic the Star Trek replicator.  Anything we need can be manufactured from renewable materials right in our home environment will soon be available.  See the video link below that is a great TED introduction to this village self-sufficient construction set now being created.

Beyond mechanical replication, be sure and check out the work of Arcady Petrov, in the Youtube video below.  He is remembering consciousness based technologies that are regenerating human organs, tissue, limbs and teeth.  New energy devices that access the quantum state, called over-unity devices have been surpressed for years as well as so many other inventions that can for example cure any illness and totally clean up our environment- just to name a few, are beginning to come into the public’s grasp.  See the youtube video below on a Phillipines inventor that has had his over-unity motor approved by the Phillipines Department of Energy.  Theses are examples of what is called “game changing” technologies.  They are so revolutionary that they can totally change the course of human history, and suddenly bring in an era of tremedous prosperity.

All these breakthroughs are rememberings coming back to us as we recover parts of who we are and continue to emerge out of our amnesiac, sleep-walking trance.  Whatever the reason for what once was a life of sleep walkers, is quickly being transformed into awakened beings that have freely transited the physical Universe and lived simultaneous multi-dimensional lives of peace, love, harmony and sublime freedom and soverignty that at this point is still beyond our wildest imagination.  All this prosperity is based on realizing that we are not separate beings but all connected together, inseparably as One.

There is a term Buckminster Fuller brought to the world’s attention several decades ago that speaks about love and Oneness in a very practical word.  That word is “synergy” which is the functioning of whole systems that is beyond and totally unpredicted by the sum of their parts. 

This is a timeless concept that is spoken of in many scriptures as “when two or more are gathered in his name there is love”.  Something more than the sum of the parts is created when two or more come together in harmony.  This principal of coming together in love is the basis of unlimited prosperity. 

When we are separate, we have to figure it all out for ourselves.  We cut ourselves off from the greater intelligence that is available when we plug into a greater wholeness.  Somehow as Adayashanti says, “we are wired for wholeness”.  We do well when we have that feeling of wholeness, balance, completeness. 

Experiencing Oneness as your essential nature is the most powerful thing we can do to create a peaceful world- a world of unlimited prosperity.  Just imagine for one moment, all the wealth that is wasted on wars, crime, and all the amazing technology kept secret from the citizen’s of the world in the name of “National Security”.  All this waste because we experience ourselves as separate from each other.  A false illusion that is preventing us from all working together to explore the Universe and share every bit of knowledge we as humanity have uncovered.

As we experience ourselves as Oneness, it becomes so obvious that we are just manifesting as everyone else.  Our Oneness is the basis of every manifestation in the Universe- which obviously includes everyone and all life on this planet Earth.  Every bit of knowledge humanity has ever discovered is the right of everyone on Earth to have access to that.  All the secrecy surrounding governments, corporations and military does nothing but create more separation resulting in more fear, conflict and death.  President Kennedy said it so well when he said that secrecy is repugnant to democracy.

Even the Rothchilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, the English Royal families- the illuminati kingpins that are off the radar of the most wealthy individuals in the world, because they control the media, have so much more to gain by sharing knowledge and wealth than by controlling the mass society and hording wealth for themselves.  But be that as it may, the light coming to Earth at this time is creating a mass wake-up call that awareness recognizes and is quickly waking up in countless individuals.  As that occurs, the strife and conflict that is currently being portrayed and emphisized on the TV and other media will soon be a remnant of the past.  Separation and conflict will soon leave us as snow melting on a hot spring day.

If you haven’t already, I urge you to look at the Freedom From Ego techniques.  Take the time to look at the Mind Control section and apply these in your own lives if they speak to you.  Look up  the many Resources and spend some time just absorbing the message.  Remember you have no where to go, nothing to purchase, no courses or retreats to attend.  The recognition of your awareness is closer than your very breath.  It is what is aware of these words right now.  That same awareness that has given continuity to your life from when you were first aware of life until this moment.  This simple yet profound recognition on a mass-scale is the secret to unlimited prosperity on Earth.

The power of the people of this earth coming together in peace and harmony is very well known by the illuminati. Those few that control the many on Earth right now can be over in an instant when the masses of humanity wake up and recognize that there is more than enough to go around when we all work together.  This is so well protrayed in these cuts from the movies “A Bug’s Life” and “V for Vendetta”.

What Support for Unlimited Prosperity Might Look Like From the Individual Level

On May 30, 2011 I participated in the BoulderBoulder for the first time, which is a 10K (6-mile) race held in Boulder, CO each year, which is where I live with the exception of the Winter months.  This year over 54,000 participants ran. 

Setting the Stage:

I thought about running in the BoulderBoulder every year I’ve lived in Boulder which has been about 5-years now.  But each year, the program comes up.... next year.  This year was no different except, I was keenly aware of this program.  I noticed thoughts like, “ I’ve got pains in my legs and better not push them”, “ I’ll be in better shape next year”.  But this event, like many this past year came with a different flavor, where the thoughts and conditioning are so apparent that they are seen in this vibrant field of awareness for just what they are: social conditioning and passing thoughts with no substance.

At one point I found myself outside the registration tent the afternoon before the race.  I was just sitting there, enjoying the activity on Pearl Street and the of the Boulder Creek Festival energy and found myself observing people picking up their race packets.  It was so obvious that these people were no more in shape than me.  So if they could do it, why couldn’t I?  Not next year but tomorrow!  At one point the energy shifted from thinking about it to just doing it.

The next morning, I found myself in a sea of people at the beginning of the race.  The start times are staggard, since there are so many people.  Start times are determined by how quickly you expect to finish the race.  The faster start times go first and then the walkers go last.  I was somewhere in the middle.  People really have fun with this, and many have no idea of competing for time but just having fun, dressed up in all types of costumes and interacting with other participants and onlookers along the course.

Community Support:

At the start of our wave, which was 2-hours after the first wave, I was immediately struck by the group energy of fun.  As we started out I met my first unexpected support system which was a Blues Brothers type duo band just a tenth of a mile or so into the course.  I had no idea there would be music along the way.  What an energizing way to begin.  Along the course there were probably 20 or more bands set up by the BoulderBoulder association and other improptu groups operating out of their homes that were there as encouragement along the raceway. 

Sometimes I’d feel tired and sore and didn’t think I could keep running any longer, then I’d run by one of these bands and the beat would set up a new rythum and from somewhere a new source of energy would appear.  Onlookers all along the course would be clapping, and shouting or holding up signs of encouragement.  They would be spraying water from hoses and sprinklers onto the raceway for those needing to cool off, they would be ringing bells and this was 2-hours after the first wave!  As I approached the finish line, the clapping, signs, and support increased at a point where it carried everyone from walking into jogging or running.  This energy was real and tangeable.

At one point, I had tears in my eyes as my legs were aching so badly yet I simply could not stop with the music, and good wishes of the people on the side of the course.  I got a glimpse into how unlimited prosperity can truly be ours on a planet wide scale when we all work together and encourage each other.

What Would Our World Look Like With Everyone Getting Such Positive Support:

I have never been in a situation where there was so much positive support and I wondered, “What would our world look like if we all have this kind of positive support”?  What would it look like if we all turned our attention to community enhancement, new technologies that supported all of us and we replaced cut-throat competition with celebrations, and good energy for individuals excelling at life-supporting technologies.  How would it look if we made these people heros instead of the war machine and those participating in it?

As a world community in sync with each other we have such unlimited potential.  This community event gave me a new perspective on just how powerful community supportive energy is.  With this supportive energy there is nothing we cannot accomplish.  Just like finding myself outside of the registration booth that night before, as a world community we are going to find ourselves in life supporting events as awareness increases.

I know this and remember this from past lives on other planets outside our solar system.  This experience gave me a peek into that reality and a knowing that we will again be experiencing this here on Earth in the very near future.  A worldwide prosperity where we all work together for the betterment of all.  All of our attention, energy and resources going to supporting every life form on earth at the expense of none. 

A great youtube video on President Kenedy’s comment on how repugnant secrecy is to democracy and how there is a group of people running this planet who do not have your best interests at heart.  He was going to tell the American Public all about this when his life was cut short.....

A beautiful song from “Les Miserables” about people standing together.

Dr. Carol Rosin from the Disclosure Project talking about conversations she had directly with Wernher Von Braun and a coming lie about alien invasion reasons to continue to build space-based weapons.  When in fact all weapon systems are based on lies about manufactured conflicts.  We have the technology and worldwide desire to all live in peace and abundance now.

Sprouts of Unlimited World-Wide Prosperity Already Manifesting

Regeneration of limbs, tissues, organs and physical immortality through consciousness based processes easily taught to anyone through Arcady Petrov in Russia.  Many people have had miraculous results just from reading his book trilogy, “The Creation of Life”.

Philipines department of Energy verifys a new motor that is 133% effecient. A single 12-volt battery can drive a car non-stop with a special antena that takes energy from the autmosphere.  If you don’t want to watch the whole video, after 10-minutes of back and forth driving the battery was still fully charged.

Tissue, Limb and Organ Regeneration

Over-Unity Motor Verified by Philipines DOE

Greening our cities with oxygen producing plants and why not edible plants as well, growing all over the outsides of buildings.

Marcin creating a start-up manual for civilization on a CD.  50 self-sufficient technologies that can set a group of 200 or so totally free to create everything they need within their own community.  Fascinating work!  I urge you to donate to this research and development.

Japanese auto maker Genepax produces a car that runs completely on water.

More Resources to Come......